local sobriety organization, which will be able to pair you with someone willing to provide guidance and encouragement.

Have a backup plan

When all else fails, be sure to have an exit strategy. Arrange to have a ride, to and from the party, to leave immediately should it become necessary. If the event is likely to, later on, lead to serious consumption of alcohol, consider attending the earlier portion of the party but excusing yourself before the heavy drinking begins.

If being able to leave is a concern, announce beforehand that you have another engagement to attend, which will necessitate an early exit. In the event you don’t have other plans, consider going to see a movie, which is an activity you can do by yourself without feeling uncomfortable. Many new movies are released this time of year, so maybe consider a double feature.

While some people like to play up the significance of the holidays, the fact of the matter is, a holiday is a 24-hour period like any other. Remind yourself that the holidays are no different from any other day of the year, and just like every other day of the year, you can make it through this one, too.

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Staying sober during the holidays
When in recovery from substance abuse, there’s never an easy time of year. No matter what the season, temptation can be found everywhere. Nevertheless, the holiday season can be especially challenging for those working to keep addiction in check. Here are important tips for maintain sobriety during the most challenging holidays of the year.
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