Meadowbrook Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Many drugs are highly addictive, and a substance use disorder to heroin, cocaine, alcohol or prescription drugs could result in dramatic changes to the brain. Those changes can cause a person to show unusual behavior or a drastic difference in their personality. Drug addiction is a chronic disease that can take hold of anybody. Inpatient drug rehab services are designed to eliminate the cravings for addictive drugs. We connect people with intensive outpatient addiction treatment and inpatient treatment programs in order to help them break free from addiction. A Meadowbrook drug detox program is usually the first step.

Meadowbrook drug detox programs are designed to help people dealing with an addiction to heroin, cocaine, alcohol or prescription drugs. When a person has a substance addiction, an inpatient drug detox program makes it possible to be medically supervised while the body processes what remains of the drugs and goes through the effects of drug withdrawal. Intensive drug detox programs take place in a safe and comfortable facility that makes the rehab and detox process easier. In addition to helping people with drug addiction in this city, Meadowbrook inpatient drug detox centers also cater to people who live in the nearby communities of Vestavia Hills, Hoover and Mountain Brook.

Meadowbrook Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is characterized by an intense desire, physical need or compulsion to use drugs. Even when a person is aware of the serious consequences, the addictive qualities of the drug overwhelms the logical part of the brain. We have addiction specialists who assess each person’s unique situation. We can help anyone find an appropriate Meadowbrook drug detox program that serves local residents. We also serve people who live in Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Mountain Brook and other nearby communities.

People who attend outpatient daytime treatment programs are able to return home in the evenings. These outpatient detox and therapy programs typically last from 30 to 90 days but may continue for several months or years if needed. Outpatient programs prepare a person to overcome addiction, repair personal relationships, get ready to hold down a job and find a safe living environment. Another important aspect of intensive outpatient programs for drug addiction is individual counseling.

These counseling sessions help a person to identify the reasons why he or she turned to addictive drugs. A person participating in a program will learn to develop healthy mechanisms for handling stress and avoiding situations that might trigger substance use or cravings.

Meadowbrook Addiction Treatment Programs

Meadowbrook inpatient drug detox centers also provide people with access to group counseling. The group therapy sessions help people develop strong communication skills. It’s important to find reputable drug detox centers whose therapy methods are driven by data. It’s also important to ensure that each person’s treatment caters to their individual needs; by working one-on-one with a person, the best treatment centers are able to identify the reasons behind drug addiction and help the person to avoid a relapse.

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