Anchor Point Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There is a growing opioid crisis in the United States and many people have become ensnared in it. Overcoming an addiction to drugs is nearly impossible for anyone to do alone. Victims of the opioid crisis and others battling addiction need the support of an Addiction Now addiction treatment center to get the effective treatment they need. We are here to help. Our drug rehab center in Anchor Point, Arkansas offers the closely supervised detox treatment clients need to overcome addiction, establish the tools to change their lives and help them remain sober.

Close supervision is essential for clients to get effective, lasting results from our addiction treatment center in Anchor Point, Arkansas. We work closely with our clients every day to identify and address the issues that contributing to their problems with drugs. Our staff has the training and experience to identify when a client needs dual diagnosis mental health treatment to get the most out of our Anchor Point addiction recovery center. Being able to accurately identify when dual diagnosis mental health treatment is what a client requires has helped us get results and help our clients go to on to live healthy, productive lives once they leave our substance abuse treatment facility in Anchor Point.

At Addiction Now, the safety and proper care of our clients is paramount. Our addiction recovery facility in Anchor Point and treatment programs are specially designed to ensure every client is safe and receives the specialized care clients need. We understand each client is unique. We design a treatment program to address specific issues. Our staff creates a therapeutic environment where our clients feel safe and comfortable speaking honestly about their experiences, concerns and goals in individual and small group sessions. This open, honest, communication is a hallmark of effective treatment.

The true and lasting rehabilitative treatment clients receive at our Anchor Point addiction treatment clinic utilizes a multifaceted approach. It includes detoxifying to eliminate the toxic drugs from their system. We also use a comprehensive program of therapy to help our clients identify, understand and address the issues that led to their substance abuse. We also prepare clients to leave our Anchor Point drug rehab clinic by working with them on steps to pursuing their goals, strategies for avoiding triggers that result in relapse and outline our comprehensive, multidimensional aftercare program designed to provide ongoing support and help them overcome the challenges they encounter.

An essential component of the program at our Anchor Point addiction recovery facility is clients forming an extended support group to help each other. It creates a sense of community and lets clients know they’re not alone. That there are people at our substance abuse treatment facility in Anchor Point, Arkansas that understand their pain and struggles and are willing and able to help. Plus, Addiction Now is part of a network of treatment facilities committed to ensuring our clients have access to the best, most effective treatment aftercare support systems to ensure their continued success.

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