Cordova Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Allow us to help you with recovery and sobriety

We are here to provide you with treatment characterized by the utmost professionalism and care. Our Cordova, Arkansas addiction treatment center is a wise choice when deciding which addiction recovery center is right for you. Your health is the most important concern we have at our drug rehab center.

We understand and are educated on the topic of recovery. You no longer need to be consumed by a terrible addiction that is taking over your life. With drug abuse comes other life struggles. Drug addiction can also be accompanied by co-occurring mental health problems.

At our Cordova, Arkansas substance abuse treatment facility, we maintain a fully equipped staff of professionals, including mental health counselors, to assist you with every aspect of drug detox and recovery. Your future does not have to include drug addiction, you have the mental and physical fortitude to take control of your life. The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem. Are you tired of letting yourself down? Are you tired of hurting your loved ones?

It is very important to have a supervised detox program. Supervised detox at our addiction treatment clinic is crucial to your health while you are detoxing from drugs because it is a dangerous process if you do not have assistance. Withdrawal symptoms are one of the reasons most people do not stop using drugs because of the fear of going through withdrawals. Symptoms of drug withdrawal may be uncomfortable or even dangerous. At our drug rehab clinic we have medication to help you combat these withdrawal symptoms. During supervised detox, you will be monitored and vitals will be checked.

An addiction recovery facility is not something you should be embarrassed about. Inside our rehab centers are people of all backgrounds and walks of life with one goal in mind. You will feel supported by your peers and have the feeling of encouragement. Working as a group towards recovery is a motivation to keep moving forward.

Our addiction treatment center provides a safe environment where we are able to cater to the needs of each and every person during their visit and stay.

When you arrive you will be welcomed by our knowledgeable and courteous staff. It is important to be honest and open about your drug addiction and any co-occurring mental health issues you may be aware of so we can provide you with the service and care that is right for you. After going through detox, therapy, and rehabilitation, you will be able to celebrate your success and move forward to new beginnings. You will be able to leave addiction in the past. Our recovery centers provide a variety of aftercare programs to assist you with your continued success. Entrust our treatment centers to provide you with the care and professionalism that will guide you to sobriety.

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