Deltana Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction Now is a network of drug rehab centers. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Deltana, Arkansas offers clients a serene and comfortable environment that is necessary to recover from an addiction. At Addiction Now, our Deltana drug rehab center offers supervised detox, which is essential during the rehabilitation process.

Those with an addiction need a personalized treatment program. Our clients are provided a treatment program that meets their unique needs and circumstances. Our drug rehab facility in Deltana doesn’t provide clients with a cookie-cutter treatment plan. The Deltana addiction recovery facility tailors each plan based on factors that include client’s history of drug use, severity of addiction, and family history of drug use.

In addition to personalized treatment plans, this is an addiction treatment clinic that offers dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment has proven extremely effective when treating addiction. Many individuals who have an addiction are also struggling with a mental health disorder, which is known as a co-occurring disorder. In order for treatment to be effective, individuals with co-occurring disorders should receive dual diagnosis treatment. Here at our Deltana drug rehab, we treat both disorders at the same time.

The rehabilitation process includes intake, detox, therapy, and aftercare therapy. Every stage in the rehabilitation process is essential for a successful recovery, so the staff at our drug rehab clinic in Deltana provides continuous support through the process. Intake is important because it gives our staff the opportunity to learn about each client’s unique situation. During this stage, the staff will ask questions that are needed to develop a personalized treatment plan. Although some clients may be uncomfortable answering these questions, it is important that they are truthful. The staff’s primary mission is to ensure that clients successfully recover to gain understanding and avoid judgment.

Detox can be a difficult stage during recovery, which is why the caring staff provides around-the-clock support during detoxification. Once clients stop using drugs, their bodies will begin to eliminate the toxins that cause the drug addiction. Withdrawal symptoms may also arise during detox, which is why so many individuals attempt to detox on their own. Addiction Now provides clients with around-the-clock supervision and support during the stage so they can detox safely.

Individual and group therapy follow detox. Therapy is vital because it teaches clients what caused their addiction and how to overcome stress that resulted in drug use. The primary difference between group therapy and individual therapy is one is interaction with other clients. Although it may be uncomfortable, it usually doesn’t take long for client to take part in discussions. Our addiction treatment center in Deltana, Arkansas encourages clients to provide each other with continuous motivation and support, which will create bonds among the group.

When therapy is complete and clients return home, they are encouraged to participate in aftercare programs at our addiction recovery center. Aftercare programs provide clients with an opportunity to stay connected to a support group and increase the chances of long-term recovery.

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