Wrangell Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When you decide that you are ready to leave your drug and alcohol addiction behind, you will have taken the first step towards a better future. However, you should never try to detox at home. Doing so is fraught with danger. You need a supervised detox at a place like our drug rehab center in Wrangell, Arkansas. In most cases, if you do not detox at an addiction treatment center, it could lead to a relapse and danger to yourself.

Why a Supervised Detox is better

You may think that since you have been abusing drugs by choice, you can quit with your own will. But if this is true, why have you been unable to limit your intake of alcohol or drugs in recent years?

If you get withdrawal symptoms each time you go too long without your favorite drug, you are physically addicted. You have a problem and the only way to sort out the issues is to visit a clinic like our addiction recovery facility in Wrangell.

Keep in mind that withdrawing from it can be dangerous if not supervised. Avoid this by visiting an Addiction Now drug rehab clinic. Here are some of our methods and services.

What Symptoms Can a Supervised Detox Alleviate?

A detox supervised by experts provides comfort and help the client when they need it. At a detox center, professional who have experience in dealing with withdrawal will provide you with the care you need to get over your addiction.
Why Dual Diagnosis is Important

Sometimes, problems with drugs and alcohol are a result of other preexisting conditions. When you detox at home, you will never know what may be causing your alcohol and drugs abuse. There will be unresolved problems. At a dual diagnosis substance abuse treatment facility, you will get to understand what the root cause of your problem is. As a result, the client will receive treatment both for their drug problem and for the underlying condition. This helps reduce the chances of a relapse re-occurring.

Our Addiction Recovery Center is a Safe Space

When you detox at home, triggers could cause you to go back to drugs. For instance, you will have access to friends, media, and other visual triggers that cause cravings and make you to want to go back to abusing drugs.

However, a detox center is created in a manner that ensures all of these triggers are removed. Thus, you will have the peace of mind to get over your addiction in peace, without being under undue pressure.

Community Support

At our addiction treatment clinic in Wrangell, Arkansas, you will have access to group therapy and a community of people who are in the same situation as you. These people will not judge you and make you feel less for having an addiction. They will encourage you and share their stories with you. You will be able to understand that people can get over their drug problems and go on to lead successful lives.

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