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Our Drug Rehab Center in Douglas, Arizona

Addiction recovery is a sensitive topic and one that should be handled with care by professionals within an addiction treatment center. The Addiction Now drug rehab center in Douglas, Arizona knows just how important this care is when you or a loved one is going through the life-changing experience of recovery. There are pros and cons to every addiction recovery center program and substance abuse treatment facility out there and they should be thought about carefully when making this life-bettering decision. Here are some things to contemplate before coming to our addiction recovery facility in Douglas.

Supervised detox is a service offered at our Douglas drug rehab clinic. Supervised detox guarantees a personalized and supportive experience that will increase the chances for you and your loved one to fully recover.

Our clinic provides mental health treatment facilities and dual diagnosis treatment methods. When you have a dual diagnosis, you will get treated for the underlying illness that you are going through. A dual diagnosis provides clients with the best chance of pinpointing treatment methods that work for you in the long-run, after your time at a drug rehab center.

Addiction recovery centers should have an open atmosphere where openness and honesty is encouraged in a communal setting. This will enable those in the midst of their recovery to learn that their strength comes from staring truth in the face while learning who will support you in your journey of recovery.

Individual treatment plans are uniquely tailored to a client’s specifications and need. They are also helpful to show that everyone at the addiction treatment clinic in Douglas is different and will have different needs for treatment options.

Throughout the recovery process, it is important to adhere to the full progression of rehabilitation. This may include detox, therapy, group therapy, and continual follow-up as a part of aftercare. Aftercare for addiction recovery is vital to the permanence of the progress you’ve made because it is important that you or your loved one is taking care of their mental and emotional health properly to sustain the sudden changes they have made to their lives.

If you or a loved one are in need of rehabilitative care, please know that Addiction Now addiction recovery facilities have professional staff that genuinely care about the lives they are helping to change. It is our goal to not only help you or your loved one during the difficult process of drug rehabilitation, but also to assist in the maintenance of your new life with the utmost care to your individual needs. Call us today to make an appointment at our drug rehab center in Douglas, Arizona.

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