Drexel Heights Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a serious problem for many people across the United States, and those living around Drexel Heights, Tucson, Flowing Wells and Catalina Foothills are no exception. A substance use disorder will often start with some occasional uses of a drug, perhaps in a party setting or just with friends. At the time it seems harmless enough, but every drug carries a risk of addiction, and once a dependency develops it can be extremely hard to stop using.

Once a person has acknowledged that they have a problem, and committed to moving past it, one of the best things to do is explore the treatment programs on offer in and around Drexel Heights. People will be able to find both inpatient and outpatient options in the area, and it is important to select the program that will provide the best fit.

Therapy and Medication in Drexel Heights Addiction Treatment Programs

Every addiction treatment program will be slightly differently, and include varying methods in how to treat patients. Most facilities will tailor a program specifically to meet the needs of a patient. But there are common treatment types that are likely to be used in any recovery plan. These include therapy, which is one of the best ways of helping people get to the root of their problems, while learning how to control their urges and avoid using drugs in the future. In therapy sessions, patients will discuss their thoughts and feelings, pinpointing the underlying causes of their addiction and ways they can sustain a drug-free lifestyle.

In many cases the patient will meet privately with a therapist to get focused help for their addiction. But group therapy is also used in lots of situations. A patient will meet with a therapist and a small group of other people who might be going through very similar situations. This gives patients the chance to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences, providing each other with support on the road to recovery.

Aside from therapy, another type of treatment commonly used is the administering of medication. This is most often used during the detox phase to help patients deal with the withdrawal symptoms they may face as the last traces of a drug leave their system. It can also be used later in the rehab process to keep cravings at bay. Because various substances affect the body in different ways, there are different medications that facilities can choose depending on if the patient used marijuana, alcohol, meth, heroin, or something else.

Staying at Drexel Heights Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient treatment programs will involve patients living at a facility for a period while they get help for their addiction, staying on-site in shared or private rooms. The duration of their stay at the center will depend on a variety of factors, such as the severity of their addiction and their response to treatment. Some facilities in Drexel Heights will only have patients live on-site during their detox process, while others will have far lengthier stays and include further rehab treatments.

At an inpatient facility, experienced and skilled staff members will be on hand at all times to help patients when they need assistance. This can be particularly important during the detox phase, when patients might experience withdrawals. Living at the facility also keeps the patient away from any potential triggers they would need to deal with in their usual environment.

How Drexel Heights Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Works

Unlike inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment only requires the patient to visit the facility during scheduled times. After the treatment is complete, the patient can leave instead of staying at the facility. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment is an alternative to detoxing at an inpatient facility, although it’s only an option if the patient doesn’t need medical supervision while detoxing.

The intensive portion of outpatient treatment occurs at the beginning when the patient must visit frequently for treatments and possibly long durations. After the intensive portion ends, the patient doesn’t need to come as often, provided he or she is doing well. Outpatient treatment is helpful if the person needs to return to their normal life between treatments and can’t live at a facility.

It can be challenging to choose a Drexel Heights drug detox program. No single program is right for everyone, and if an individual has gone through a program before without success, it simply means that it wasn’t the appropriate program. Our addiction specialists have the experience to connect each individual with the program that is best for them.

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