Eloy Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction Now provides an effective and safe detox from drugs. Whatever you are addicted to, our drug rehab center in Eloy, Arizona helps you take the initial step on the road to sobriety. Detox is vital for your body because it clears your mind and provides physical readjustment.

Why do you need detox?

Drug abuse increases the physical tolerance to drugs, causing desire for higher daily doses. It causes mental addiction and physical dependency, which makes it difficult to terminate use. When one stops using drugs, there are unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

At the same time, detox can be dangerous when conducted incorrectly. Therefore, our addiction treatment center in Eloy performs a fully supervised and comfortable procedure by employing expert addiction professionals to watch over the process.

The customer is also given several detox options, which are customized to their needs. Our detox program is set in accordance with your history and individualized situation. Moreover, there are detox programs for different kinds of narcotics, alcohol, and prescription painkillers.
The addiction treatment center in Eloy has an environment that is serene and conducive to recovery. It is the facility has amenities that make sure you are comfortable during your stay.

At our Eloy substance abuse treatment facility, you are assigned a life counselor who helps you rediscover your goals. This is necessary since people completely lose themselves in addiction. Life therapy is a treatment that assists you to tap into your gifts and talents. It helps you feel whole again.

Once you identify what excites and makes you productive at the addiction treatment clinic in Eloy, you easily identify and avoid destructive behavior. Consequently, your progress is not easily derailed.

Spiritual Therapy

Our addiction treatment center in Eloy also employs spiritual therapy to address the client’s needs. We encourage finding spirituality. Spiritual therapy helps clients identify their inner strength.

Clients at the drug rehab clinic in Eloy are also counseled to open up and speak honestly about their past as a way of working on their recovery. One may choose to do this with the counselor or with the support groups within the facility.

There is no reason you should have to do this alone. Give Addiction Now a call to begin setting up the appointment for your free consultation at our addiction recovery clinic in Eloy, Arizona.

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