Fort Mohave Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Getting help for an addiction is one of the most important decisions you can make for your own well-being. Checking into our drug rehab center is a huge step on the road to recovery, and we can provide you with the support you need for recovery at our addiction treatment center in Fort Mohave, Arizona.

Supervised Detox

Our addiction recovery facility in Fort Mohave, Arizona offers supervised detox to every client who enrolls in our treatment program. It can be dangerous to attempt to detox from certain substances on your own, especially if you have been taking large quantities of the drug over extended periods of time. Supervised detox can help ensure that you detox from the drug safely, and that you have resources at your disposal to assist you throughout the detox process.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Another benefit to using our network of treatment centers is that they offer dual diagnosis mental health treatment to those clients who require it. Our drug rehab clinic in Fort Mohave, Arizona offers dual diagnosis treatment help ensure clients with a co-occurring mental health condition get the care they need. In many cases, clients are not just dealing with addiction, they’re also dealing with a co-occurring mental disorder. In an unconscious effort to self-medicate, they abuse substances trying to deal with their co-occurring mental health disorder. By taking part in dual diagnosis treatment, clients will get treatment for both the addiction as well as any co-occurring mental health disorder.

Extended Support Group

Another benefit of our Fort Mohave, Arizona substance abuse treatment facility is that you’ll develop an extended support group during your time with us. While you might have the support of family and friends, it helps to have the support of other people who truly understand the struggles you’re going through and can identify with you. While you are with us at our addiction recovery center, you’ll get the opportunity to connect with fellow rehab members via group therapy and the community.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Perhaps the biggest benefit of our Fort Mohave, Arizona addiction treatment clinic are the individualized treatment plans we offer to every client. You’ll be able to get a treatment plan that’s specific to you and your particular issues. Just as each individual is different, so is the treatment method for each person. Whereas some people might benefit most from group therapy, others might require more personalized one-on-one therapy with a counselor who can help them get to down to the specific details of their substance abuse issues.


When you complete an addiction recovery program at our Fort Mohave, Arizona drug rehab center, your recovery is not necessarily completed. That’s when our comprehensive and personalized addiction recovery plans come into play. Our addiction treatment center doesn’t just turn you out and expect you to never need support ever again. They offer you plenty of resources and places you can turn to when you need support after rehab.

No matter what it is that you need to attain the goals you have ascertained for your personal recovery, we can provide you with the support you need. Contact us right now and you can begin your journey to recovery without further delay.

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