Kingman Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a problem that many people struggle with, and it can be difficult to face and overcome without help. Many people start with recreational drug use, perhaps with friends in a social setting. It seems harmless at the time, but it can develop into an addiction very quickly. Once that happens, it can be very difficult to stop using the substance. This is where a drug detox or rehab program in Kingman could help. These programs feature experienced staff members who excel at helping people leave substance use disorders behind.

The Different Kingman Addiction Treatment Programs

Every treatment facility will have its own methods and ways of approaching addictions to help patients overcome them. While the different programs vary, there will be some common methods used in most of them.

Behavioral therapy has become a popular method of treatment. Through therapy, the patient will look at the issues that led them to drug use in the first place, tracing back the causes of their addiction. This will allow the person to develop techniques and skills which can help them avoid any future substance use. Therapy will often take place in a one-on-one setting, so that the patient gets plenty of focused time with the therapist. However, a lot of facilities also utilize group therapy, where the patient will take part in sessions with a small group of other participants who may be going through similar experiences to them. This encourages the patients to support each other through the process and can be very beneficial. It is common for treatment programs to include both types of therapy.

Medication is also commonly administered during treatment. During the detox phase, patients are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms as the drug leaves their system. Medication can be used to help the patient manage these symptoms. It will not get rid of them completely, but can be helpful in making them easier to get through. The medication chosen depends on the patient’s drug of choice. Prescription opioids, marijuana, alcohol and meth all have different effects on the body and will therefore require different medications to treat the withdrawals they create. Facilities may also offer medication as treatment progresses to help the patient deal with any cravings they experience.

Staying at Kingman Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient care involves staying at a rehab facility in a residential capacity. The person will usually stay in a shared room with another patient, though most facilities also have private rooms. The stay at the facility will vary in length, and could last several months depending on the needs of the patient. At some inpatient drug detox centers, stays may only last while the patient completes a medically supervised detox. However, there are also inpatient facilities where patients stay for much longer until they’ve made significant progress.

Inpatient facilities will usually use medication and therapy when treating patients. An added benefit of the residential care is the 24/7 support offered by staff, while patients will also be kept away from the temptations of their usual environment while they focus on recovery.

Going to Kingman Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

At an intensive outpatient treatment facility, the patient visits for their treatment but returns home once the day’s treatment is over. Although it’s more common for a Kingman drug detox program to be at an inpatient facility, there are also outpatient detox programs for patients who don’t need a medically supervised detox. As with inpatient care, outpatient programs will usually also offer therapy and medication to help patients work through the process. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment will start out with frequent visits, typically every day, and then lessen in intensity as the patient progresses. These facilities are beneficial for patients who want to receive treatment but need to continue fulfilling any responsibilities they have while getting that treatment.

There are quite a few programs available for people in Kingman, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City and Boulder City. Selecting a program that’s a good fit is important, and that’s an area where our addiction specialists can help. Our addiction specialists know how to talk to patients about their addictions and find a program to fit what they need.

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