Tanque Verde Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Treatment for Addiction in a Professional Atmosphere

Supervised detox at our Tanque Verde, Arizona drug rehab center is the safest way for you to purge the remnants of drugs or alcohol from your body. The withdrawal symptoms you face when you are going through detox can be uncomfortable, and our addiction treatment center is necessary to ensure that you remain comfortable and safe through the process. You will get the care you need when you take part in our supervised detox program, without having to worry about a relapse. Most people who try to detox at home fail when they relapse as a result of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

The support you receive in our Tanque Verde, Arizona addiction recovery facility is going to come from both the staff and your peers who are also getting treatment. You’ll meet with staff one on one and also in group settings. A significant part of our recovery programs involve attending group meetings and listening to others who are in a similar situation. Peer support is essential to your overall recovery, and the community you begin to build in our Tanque Verde, Arizona drug rehab clinic is going to carry you through the process.

Dual diagnosis treatment at our substance abuse treatment facility provides professional care for people who have both substance abuse issues and struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder. You will be able to focus on both concurrently when you enter our program for those that can benefit from dual diagnosis. When you can get support for your co-occurring mental illness, it will become easier to address your need for help reaching your recovery goals.

When you are a client in an addiction recovery center, you will begin to work on a treatment plan for you to follow throughout your treatment. The plan is designed to guide you through the recovery process, and it is one that you will write together with a counselor. The two of you will talk about your goals and create a treatment plan that can help you meet these goals.

Our Tanque Verde, Arizona addiction treatment clinic can only be as effective as you allow it to be. Try to stay honest in your interactions, and pay attention to the people around you. The more you can learn from your peers and the staff, the more successful you will be when you return home.

If you aren’t ready to return home after a period in a short term rehabilitation program, you have options. Some people go to a sober living community where they live among others who are working hard on their sobriety. This is a safe environment and one that offers the support many people need when they are early on in their recovery process.

Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. During times when you are feeling like life is going out of control, it’s important to reach out to the people you have met who support your recovery. You will always be learning new ways to cope with stress and manage your cravings to use. When one method stops working, there is always something new you can learn that will.

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