Tucson Estates Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a terrible disease, and it can prove difficult or impossible to fight on your own. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, then it’s essential that you seek treatment at a drug rehab center as soon as possible. There’s no time like the present to begin working through one’s addiction issues. Contact us now and you can begin your journey to recovery without further delay.

Our addiction treatment center in Tucson Estates, Arizona offers supervised detox. Supervised detox is essential for successful recovery. This is because many drugs are dangerous to detox from on your own, “cold turkey.” Depending upon the specific drug, the amount of it you used and how long you’ve been using it, you could suffer from uncomfortable and even dangerous withdrawal symptoms if you attempt to detox alone. Having the professionals at our facility to assist you can make the detox process much safer.

Our addiction recovery facility in Tucson Estates, Arizona also offers dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Sometimes, a client is coping with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Making this issue even more complicated is the fact that clients don’t always know that they have co-occurring mental health disorders before coming to our addiction recovery center. Our specialists can help diagnosis and treat the co-occurring disorder and the substance abuse by offering dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Tucson Estates, Arizona is maintained by a staff of devoted and helpful staff members. We make sure to sanitize group environments regularly, and always put the safety of our clients first. You can rest easy knowing that you or your loved one is in capable hands.

Honesty is crucial to recovery, and our addiction recovery center fosters honesty in a safe and secure environment. We’ve found that clients tend to be more honest and forthcoming when they’re in an environment they feel comfortable and safe in, and that’s what we’ve strove to create here at our substance abuse treatment center.

Another key feature about our Tucson Estates, Arizona addiction treatment clinic is that we offer individualized treatment. Each client’s treatment plan is unique and completely personalized to suit the needs of the individual. Just as no two individuals are precisely alike, neither is anyone’s individualized treatment plan. Whereas some people might benefit from group therapy sessions, others might fare better in solo sessions with a therapist.

We also tend to our clients through each step of the rehabilitation process, from detox to aftercare. We’ll not only help you detox and help you overcome your addiction issues, but we’ll also provide you with plenty of resources to assist you in transitioning back into the real world by connecting you with people and places you can turn toward when you’re in need of support.

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