Clarksville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a horrible disease that is affecting more people everyday. The onset is often subtle, and the person may not even realize that they are addicted. It is highly recommended that anyone suffering from this insidious disease should enter a qualified addiction treatment center. Our Clarksville, Arkansas addiction recovery center is a dual diagnosis center. We treat both the addiction and the co-occurring issues that often contribute to addictive behavior. Many clients will find that they have some untreated co-occurring mental health issue. This is an important facet of our substance abuse treatment facility, as we are committed to helping our clients achieve their recovery goals. Dual diagnosis can help our clients achieve those goals.

Our facility offers the latest in drug addiction treatment. We have both individual counseling sessions and group therapy sessions. Our clients will find compassionate care from every single staff member associated with our Clarksville, Arkansas drug rehab center. Since many of the drugs that our clients are addicted to are dangerous to withdraw from, we strongly recommend that our clients come to us for a supervised and monitored drug detox program. This is specialized care that allows our clients to safely detox in our quiet unit. When detox is completed, our clients may then move to our comfortable residential section.

This prestigious addiction recovery facility offers clients a totally personalized care treatment plan. This plan will be developed by our experienced counselors and the client. The client is included in all aspects of their time here. Our facility uses proven techniques and in-depth counseling to educate our clients on the basis of their addiction disease and also to assist the client to figure out his/her unique triggers that lead to drug abuse. Through the time spent at our addiction recovery center, we aid our clients to learn valuable insight into their lives and circumstances.

Clients will be able to learn new coping strategies to stay sober and to live a better life going forward. At our comprehensive Clarksville, Arkansas drug rehab clinic, clients will engage in social interaction with their peers. This includes group therapy times, special activities, and just recreational groups where clients will learn healthy alternative outlets for pleasure. This dynamic group setting allows clients to bond and share experiences and support. We feel that this group interaction is a key component towards the recovery process. Our motto is never judge, just support each other. In addiction recovery, it is crucial to be very honest during the course of the treatment process.

When clients arrive at our addiction treatment clinic, they are welcomed by a whole team of professionals ready to help. Clients learn quickly that they are not alone in this fight. This can be an insightful moment where the client feels hope for the first time. Our comfortable substance abuse treatment facility provides a safe and calm environment to begin the path towards healing. Clients will be given aftercare support when they complete the residential program. This may include outreach clinics, community meetings and continuation of counseling.

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