De Queen Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Detox is a process where drugs and alcohol are totally removed from your system. This is done to make it possible for you to quit using the drug permanently. Clients visiting our drug rehab center need support to make it through the difficult withdrawal process associated with detox from drugs or alcohol. Many of the symptoms our clients experience are severe. If they try to go through the detox process on their own, the likelihood of relapse is dramatically increased.

Our addiction treatment clinic in De Queen, Arkansas is part of a network of rehabilitation facilities dedicated to helping our clients end their addictions. The resources we provide include caring professionals who are ready and willing to help. If you or someone you love has a desire to break free from the grip of addiction, we want you to know that you are not alone and your situation is not hopeless. Our caring staff will be there for you every step of the way as you travel down the road to recovery.

The Benefits of Supervised Detox

Many individuals who visit our addiction recovery facility would not be able to resist returning to their drug of choice while going through the detox and withdrawal process. Some people return to substance abuse simply to end the discomfort associated with withdrawal.

Our De Queen, Arkansas drug rehab clinic is built around the idea that it is important to recover the right way. The right way is to start with supervised detox. During supervised detox, you will be provided with professional attention designed to ensure your safety through the detox process, as well as provide you with the emotional support you need during the difficult detox stage of your recovery.

A Caring and Supportive of Staff Members

When you visit our substance abuse treatment facility, you will find our staff to be caring and supportive. Our goal is not to judge you or to make you feel bad for past mistakes or decisions that led to your addiction. On the contrary, our earnest desire is to be a source of support and encouragement for you. We have worked hard to turn our addiction recovery center into a safe place where you can feel free to discuss your fears, your worries, and your goals for the future.

Our addiction treatment center provides dual diagnosis mental health treatment to those clients who require it. There is a complicated relationship between addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we can offer adequate treatment for both the co-occurring mental health disorder and the addiction.

When you are battling with addiction, it can feel like you will be fighting forever. We can assure you that you can win the fight against addiction. We look forward to working with you and showing you how you can win this battle. When you are ready to begin working toward recovery in earnest, we hope that you will seriously consider enrolling in the addiction recovery program we offer at our De Queen, Arkansas drug rehab clinic.

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