East End Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our Drug Rehab Center Gives You Help When You Need It Most

There are times in life when we just cannot run the race on our own. If substance abuse has taken over your life, it is time to consider the services that our East End, Arkansas addiction treatment center can provide you with. The assistance that we can provide you with will go a long way towards the promotion of a sober and safe lifestyle for years to come.

Supervised Detox Is Essential

If you have been dependent on an illicit substance for an extended period of time, your body may suffer through various symptoms of withdrawal when you begin to deny it of those substances. This is why supervised detox is essential, and that is exactly what our East End, Arkansas addiction recovery facility will provide for you. We can offer a safe environment where trained staff will help guide you through the process. This is proven to be much more effective than trying to overcome the effects of withdrawal on your own. You do not have to be alone, so accept the help that we can give you.

A Safe Environment Is What You Can Expect

If you are serious about beating substance abuse, it is helpful to remove yourself from your normal surroundings for a season. At the same time, you want to know that you are safe and that you will not be tempted to fall into your old ways again. This is why we place such a strong emphasis on safety and security at our East End, Arkansas drug rehab clinic. While family and friends will be a welcome part of your treatment, all visitors will be expected to abide by the rules of the center and help us work towards your recovery.

A Community of Care

Every aspect of your treatment plan at our East End, Arkansas substance abuse treatment facility will be designed to promote your path to recovery. This includes individualized counseling services that are designed to get to the heart of your issues. We provide dual diagnosis treatment at our addiction recovery center if a client is struggling with a co-occurring disorder in addition to addiction. Your entire community will be behind you as you work toward recovery, including the group sessions that you attend each day. Just as you will begin supporting others, they will have your back as well from the very first moment you step through the doors.

We Emphasize Aftercare As Well

You will not simply be left alone upon completing your residential treatment plan at our East End, Arkansas addiction treatment clinic. In fact, we believe that this is just the beginning. We offer a comprehensive aftercare program that is designed to help you continue living a sober lifestyle once you will resume your normal schedule. This is one of the ways that you will continue to feel loved and supported throughout the recovery process.

If you or a loved one has been suffering under the chains of substance abuse for far too long, contact our East End, Arkansas addiction recovery facility today. Let the process of healing begin as we provide you with help and assistance every step of the way.

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