Lowell Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug addiction is a major issue that cannot simply be stopped by using the “cold turkey” method of recovery. In most cases, you will end up reverting to drug use once again if you do not have the professional help necessary for sustainable recovery. One of the best ways to deal with drug addiction is to go to an Addiction Now rehab.

What is Rehab?

Rehab is the treatment for alcohol or drug dependency. You can get the treatment you need at our substance abuse treatment facility in Lowell, Arkansas. Rehab provides those with an addiction to any drug an intensive program of care to support and help them become free of the drug use.

Our Lowell addiction recovery center offers monitored detox programs to ensure the client abstains from drugs in a comfortable, safe, and supervised environment. The aim of our Lowell rehab program is to help clients break free of any dependency on the drugs.

Rehab and Mental Health Treatment

Research has found that there is an undeniable connection between drug addiction and mental health. For instance, a person with depression is more likely to turn to drugs than a mentally stable person.

The rehab experts at Addiction Now work with clients to diagnose any underlying mental health issues that may exist. Once these issues have been handled, recovering from any drug dependency becomes much easier.

The drug rehab center in Lowell offers this kind of dual diagnosis. The aim of rehab is not to just get the client off the drug. Rather, it is to introduce the person to an overall healthy life where they can handle their issues without turning back to drugs.

Although the programs offered at a rehab center may vary, clients can expect intensive residential support with other benefits at our Lowell drug rehab center.

Some of the Benefits at a Rehab Facility

One of the major benefits of an addiction treatment center is that the client gets psychological and physical treatment. Thus, the client will no longer have an emotional dependency on drugs even when the physical desire is gone.

At an addiction recovery facility such as Addiction Now, external factors have been removed. The client is able to take a break from the pressure of daily life, relax, and work on process thoughts of the future while dealing with today.

The other benefit is that at our addiction recovery center in Lowell, Arkansas, clients can expect to find personalized treatment plans. Each case is unique, and this will help to speed the recovery process and ensure a high success rate. Besides that, the client will be taught skills to help them stay off drugs at a professional drug rehab clinic.

The other benefit of an addiction treatment clinic is a support group. Clients get to interact in groups and share their stories with others. By doing so, a client discovers that they are not the only one going through the problem. Rather, you will understand others have faced the issue and overcome it with success. This gives you hope to go on with the program.

All you have to do is call us today and we will get started on your new life.

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