Malvern Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If a person has decided that it’s time to deal with serious drug addiction to a substance like methamphetamine or cocaine, he or she will want to explore the inpatient drug detox centers and outpatient programs available in Malvern. The sooner this individual gets the necessary help, the sooner he or she will be able to reclaim sobriety and take back their lives. Whether he or she attends a detox program in Malvern or in a nearby area like Hot Springs, finding the right facility is crucial. Our addiction specialists can help potential patients find the treatment center that is the best fit for their individual needs.

Malvern Addiction Treatment Programs

Once the right rehab facility has been chosen, the patient may be asked some questions and undergo diagnostic tests. These tests are done to determine the specific type of treatment that may best suit the specific situation. When a treatment facility knows about a potential client’s history, the specifics of their addiction to a substance like marijuana or heroin, the severity of the addiction and any other medical conditions they might have, the center can enter the individual into the best rehabilitation program for their needs. There is also a choice to be made regarding the type of rehab the individual will undergo. Specifically, there is a choice between inpatient and outpatient drug rehabilitation.

Malvern Inpatient Drug Rehab

Clients who decide to enter an inpatient Malvern drug detox program are typically people who have struggled with their substance use disorder for a long time and who will be required to stay at a facility full-time. Inpatient treatment involves a change of lifestyle that takes a huge commitment to wanting to become and remain sober. At the residential facility there is 24/7 care from staff personnel who work tirelessly to ensure that the patient gets quick assistance when they need it. The individual will be removed from any and all temptations that could cause a relapse during the process of detox and rehab.

Staying at a Malvern inpatient drug detox center is the best option for any person who has suffered from a severe substance use disorder. If an individual has struggled with an addiction to a specific substance for several years, he or she can greatly benefit from an inpatient drug detoxification and rehabilitation program. If someone has a medical or a mental health condition along with a drug addiction — also known as a dual diagnosis — inpatient management is also the optimal choice for treatment.

Traditionally, inpatient treatment takes place in a hospital, or within a residential facility that is similar to a hospital setting. A hospital can be the best location for inpatient treatment to take place since it is fully staffed with healthcare professionals who can provide integral supervision and medical care when a patient needs it.

When inpatient treatment takes place at a private facility there will be staff on the premises 24/7 to provide care as and when patients need it. Inpatient care has the added benefit of taking people out of their usual environment and keeping them away from temptations while they focus on recovery.

Malvern Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

People who suffer from a substance use disorder that is less severe are best suited for outpatient treatment programs. While these patients are not constantly monitored, outpatient programs are intensive so the treatment can be highly effective and there is less likelihood of a relapse. With an outpatient program, the individual undergoes treatment during the day but is permitted to return home at night so that he or she can take care of work or family obligations. Continuing with rehab after the detox process is crucial to successfully overcoming a substance use disorder. Clients can continue with rehab at a facility in a nearby area like Benton or Arkadelphia by attending regular therapy sessions.

Potential patients should contact one of our addiction specialists immediately to find the right Malvern drug detox program and come one step closer to freedom.

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