Monticello Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Many people put off going to treatment for a variety of reasons. Those who seem to manage their dependency and maintain employment may use financial issues as a primary reason. Others may be in deep denial about the fact that they actually have a problem with substance abuse because they feel as though they function effectively in society, often because no one has ever confronted them about the problem. Still there are others who know they need treatment. It becomes an endless cycle that must be stopped, and that means the person must find an effective addiction treatment center that can actually help them deal with dependency and break the cycle while building a personal program for staying sober. Luckily, you’ve found that place. Our drug rehab center in Monticello, Arkansas

Facility Housing Policy

One of the first considerations in the process of choosing an addiction recovery facility is the housing policy. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Monticello is a community setting that is always kept safe and secure, which can be a real help for those serious individuals with a serious chemical dependency. Our Monticello drug rehab center knows certain treatment sessions do not work for everyone. Our rehabilitation professionals supervise and monitor all clients while they are in our care and allow the client an opportunity to live in a community of other individuals with similar problems who can give them support through the initial detox phase. This allows community members an opportunity to learn from the other residents as well as the addiction recovery center staff.

Individual Program Development

Our professional staff members understand that no two people are exactly alike and rarely do they develop a dependency problem in the exact same pattern of use. The goal for the client while in treatment is developing a personal plan of action that breaks the behavior cycle. The focus for the staff at our Monticello addiction treatment clinic becomes teaching the client that “willpower” has nothing to do with this. Clients are evaluated with their personal issues and behavior pattern in mind to help them incorporate personal defense mechanisms as tools that can be applied when the opportunity to use becomes available. This evaluation also includes treatment for additional mental health issues that the client may have not known they were struggling with.

Aftercare Program

A successful treatment outcome can very well depend on the design of the aftercare program at the drug rehab clinic because thinking clearly is the main issue for success of the client following release. Depending on the length of the treatment program, the detox period may still not be complete, which can be problematic for those who had a long-term dependency. The chemicals had a way of impacting decisions through temptation to use before treatment, which is a situation that could easily return without a solid support group that can assist clients following release from the addiction treatment clinic.

Don’t do this alone. Call us today and we will begin setting you up with an appointment at our addiction recovery center in Monticello, Arizona.

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