Osceola Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When individuals choose to seek treatment for their addiction, there are a variety of factors that should be taken into account before choosing a substance abuse treatment facility. Addiction Now is a network of substance abuse treatment centers and our drug rehab center in Osceola, Arkansas offers innovative and effective treatment programs for those in need of help. Our drug detox clinic in Osceola provides clients with a clean and comfortable environment to recover peacefully and successfully. At Addiction Now, we understand that each client goes through unique circumstances that must be approached with a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment for addiction is complex, and each individual will need a customized treatment program to help them recover. A personalized treatment plan is effective because it is designed based on the needs and circumstances of each client. When clients choose our drug rehab center, they will be asked a series of questions during intake, which will help the staff at Addiction Now understand a client’s unique circumstances and develop a treatment plan tailored to the needs of the client. Addiction Now is a substance treatment facility network that provides every client with a one-of-a-kind treatment plan that will increase the chances of a successful long-term recovery.

Another service our addiction recovery facility in Osceola provides clients is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Research has shown dual diagnosis treatment is effective because it successfully treats co-occurring disorders. Individuals with co-occurring disorders have both an addiction and a mental health disorder. Furthermore, research has proven that addiction and mental health disorders are often connected, so an individual with an addiction may develop a mental health disorder, or an individual with a mental health disorder may develop an addiction. If only one condition is treated, then chances of relapse will increase.

It is natural for individuals to be scared and apprehensive about the rehabilitation process, which is why Addiction Now is a drug rehab clinic that has staff who provide clients with constant support. After a personalized treatment plan is developed, which usually takes place during intake, clients will go through supervised detoxification. Detox is when the body expels any toxins that keep the person addicted to drugs. Detox can be dangerous if individuals attempt it on their own, which is why we provide clients with a supervised detox that ensures their safety during this stage of the rehab process. Once clients have completed detox, they will begin therapy. Addiction Now provides clients with individual and group therapy to help them overcome addiction. Group therapy is beneficial for clients because it allows them to provide each other with support to share their experiences. Our addiction treatment clinic in Osceola encourages clients to develop a bond with each other, which provides a sense of community that makes our addiction treatment center more than just a treatment facility center.

When therapy is finished, clients are advised to attend an aftercare program at our addiction recovery center in Osceola, Arkansas. Aftercare programs are designed to provide clients with support after they leave the rehab. In addition, aftercare program also teach clients communication and job skills that will help them succeed. Clients can receive guidance and assistance during our many aftercare programs for as long as you need.

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