Trumann Drug and Alcohol Rehab

How Our Drug Rehabilitation Facility Gives You the Best Chance at Recovery

It is difficult or impossible to defeat addiction on your own. You need help, but there are many methods and avenues available to you here at our Trumann, Arkansas addiction recovery clinic. Our drug rehab facility that offers you the best chance at long-term sobriety. The following examples are just a few reasons this is true.

There is supervised care during detoxification

The first step in recovery is the process of detoxification. Your body will need time to rid itself of the chemicals to which you have become addicted. It is important to have supervision during detoxification because your body will react differently to withdrawal depending upon the specific substance to which you are addicted. Being under the supervision of experienced professionals who understand the specifics of your addiction will provide you with optimum care during this period.

Dual diagnosis mental health treatment

Our drug rehabilitation facility treats co-occurring mental health and behavioral issues as well as chemical dependency. Often, there are co-occurring mental issues. Our Trumann, Arkansas drug rehab center will address the co-occurring disorder and the addiction thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

You are provided 24 hour care

It can be challenging to go through detoxification, so it is important to have professionals nearby who can give you the necessary care at any time of the day or night. In addition, our Trumann, Arkansas addiction recovery facility provides a safe environment. Our drug rehab facility is designed to provide a safe environment specifically for recovery.

You will experience an encouraging environment

Our Trumann, Arkansas substance abuse treatment facility is designed to encourage a person to complete the detoxification process and to stay sober. This begins with the staff, and then continues with others in the facility who are going through the same process you are. Often there are group therapy sessions where you can communicate your thoughts and feelings about your situation with other recovering clients, and you can do so in a private setting. A place where you can speak honestly and without fear of judgment.

Your rehabilitation is tailored to your needs

Along with the benefits of a professional staff that understand your particular situation, our Trumann, Arkansas addiction treatment center also provides a custom treatment plan for each individual. For this reason, each person will respond somewhat differently to various aspects of our addiction recovery center treatment program. A good addiction treatment clinic will modify their general program to fit each individual client.

Our drug rehab clinic will provide every client who graduates with a comprehensive plan for aftercare. Once you have completed your drug rehabilitation program, you will still likely attend ongoing group therapy sessions. This type of assistance is important, and a good treatment center will offer it or have a relationship with an outpatient clinic program.

If you are ready to begin working toward recovery, we hope you will consider getting in touch with the friendly experts at our Trumann, Arkansas addiction recovery treatment facility.

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