Wynne Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Here at Addiction Now, we believe in you. Our drug rehab center in Wynne, Arkansas is full of professionals who are ready and able to help you get through this once and for all. Before you do anything, you need to admit to yourself and your loved ones that you have a problem you cannot control or overcome on your own.

Empower Yourself with Information

Addiction Now has developed a program based upon a powerful idea. We provide a caring and supportive substance abuse treatment facility in Wynne that increases the chances of success by treating every client as an individual. Every single human being possesses a distinct personality and a unique set of challenges. Doesn’t it make sense that an effective addiction treatment center program must recognize the importance of each unique individual?

We hope you’ll take a few moments to give our program careful consideration. Our efforts revolve around promoting lasting and enduring changes. We want to give our clients the best possible opportunity to empower themselves. We recognize the importance of treating addiction comprehensively, while appreciating the value and necessity of a supportive community network.

A Simple yet Powerful Program

We assist our clients as they make important changes in their lives by providing three vital services:

Closely supervised detoxification;
Caring, individualized treatment programs
Supportive, personalized aftercare.

We seek to tailor our Wynne addiction recovery center programs to meet the unique needs of each client during every stage of this process. Since nearly half the people who go through addiction are also struggling with a mental health issue, we promote the value of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Our clients receive customized treatment plans and aftercare assistance.

A Secure, Supportive Environment

In order to ensure our clients enjoy the ability to communicate in a comfortable, supportive environment, we maintain a policy of rigorous confidentiality at our addiction recovery facility in Wynne. Our clients receive respect, and the space to enjoy genuine honest, and caring attention. Our community supplies both role models and the opportunity to help others.

Enduring Changes Require Community

We strive to foster a supportive community at our drug rehab center in Wynne because we know this effort provides essential assistance to clients during treatment and aftercare. A strong peer network will remain available to aid your loved one over the course of your stay, as well as in the weeks, months, and years ahead. While our clients may experience different aftercare services upon leaving our drug rehab clinic, no one finds themselves without strong community support. In this way, we strive to promote enduring life changes.

Take the Initiative Today

If you’ve searched for an effective addiction treatment clinic in Wynne, Arkansas for your loved one, we’d like to share more information with you about our services. Call us today to get started. You won’t regret it.

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