Indio Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are in need of the support that can only be obtained at an addiction recovery treatment center, we urge you to consider the addiction recovery program at our Indio, California drug rehab clinic. We understand how difficult the journey to recovery can prove to be here at Addiction Now. For that reason, we are prepared to offer you the assistance necessary to reach your goals for recovery with as little difficulty as possible. While you may have been struggling with addiction for a long time, we can get you the help you need to turn the tables on substance abuse and begin working toward recovery in earnest.

When you first arrive at our Indio, California substance abuse treatment clinic, you will get the opportunity to share your experiences with one of our friendly intake staff members. During this intake session, we will work closely with you to ascertain what specific support you require to successfully reach your goals for recovery. When you are a client at our drug rehab center, you will enjoy the confidence that comes with the support of qualified and experienced professionals. We are ready to extend you the benefit of a personalized plan for addiction recovery treatment.

There are many different strategies for treatment that we can offer you during your time at our substance abuse treatment clinic. No matter what specific support you need to reach recovery, we will be sure and provide it for you. For some clients, it is necessary to take part in dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis is helpful when a client struggles with both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder. In these situations, we can provide clients with the support they deserve through dual diagnosis. Because roughly half of the clients who come to our Indio, California drug detox center struggle with addiction, dual diagnosis mental health treatment can be an invaluable tool for recovery.

At our Indio, California drug rehab clinic, we offer a variety of different strategies to support addiction recovery. These include therapeutic options such as group therapy. At first, you may find the idea of group therapy to be intimidating. However, many of the clients who enroll in our substance abuse treatment clinic find that group therapy becomes one of their favorite parts of treatment. By offering our clients access to quality group therapy sessions, we can provide them with one of the most effective strategies for treating addiction.

When you graduate from our addiction recovery program, you will receive the benefit of an aftercare plan that has been hand-tailored to your needs. We know that each client will have different responsibilities they will have to contend with once they have left our addiction recovery treatment clinic in Indio, California. By providing them with a plan for aftercare support that is customized to their personal situation, we can be sure that every client gets the assistance they need to achieve recovery. We want all of our clients to enjoy the best possible treatment.

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