Norwalk Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Choosing a substance abuse treatment facility is the most important step during the rehabilitation process. When an individual is ready to recover from an addiction, it is vital they recover in a peaceful environment. Addiction Now is a network of addiction treatment facilities that provides clients with all that is necessary to recover. Our caring staff strives to provide clients with constant support, which is why our drug detox clinic in Norwalk, California is more than just an addiction treatment clinic, it is a safe haven where individuals can recover in peace.

Many individuals worry about the rehabilitation process. There is nothing to worry about. At our addiction recovery center in Norwalk, we use a simple and effective process that includes intake, detox, therapy, and aftercare. Each step is critical for a successful recovery. During intake, clients will be asked a series of questions that will help our staff better understand each client’s unique situation. This information is also extremely important because it helps our staff develop an individualized treatment program for each client. Although we offer treatment for addiction, treatment varies based on the individual. If our addiction treatment center used the same treatment plan for every client, it would not be effective. Our Norwalk drug detox clinic offers individualized treatment plans that are the best option for those seeking help with addiction.

Another benefit our Norwalk addiction recovery facility offers is dual diagnosis treatment. Research has shown that dual diagnosis treatment is highly effective because it treats addiction and mental health disorders at the same time. Because most mental health disorders are linked to addiction, a successful recovery will only occur if both conditions are treated. During intake, the staff may recommended testing be done to determine if a co-occurring disorder is present. When our clients have co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis treatment is incorporated into their treatment program.

When someone decides to lead a life free of drug use, their body will go through withdrawal during supervised detoxification. Detox can produce unpleasant side-effects because the body is attempting to rid itself of remaining toxins that keep you addicted during drug use. When individuals attempt to detox without supervision, it often leads to relapse when the symptoms of withdrawal become strong. To ensure clients stay safe and comfortable during this stage, Addiction Now provides clients with monitored detox.

When the body has restored itself to a healthier state, clients begin individual and group therapy at our Norwalk drug rehab clinic. This stage in the rehabilitation process helps clients recognize what caused the addiction and how to overcome the urge to use drugs. There are many benefits to therapy, and our drug rehab center in Norwalk uses the most innovative approaches to individual and group therapy in order to help clients retain a life of sobriety. Group therapy is a great place for clients to learn new communication skills, and many of our clients for lifelong bonds that were established during group sessions. After individual and group therapy have begun, clients receive one of our aftercare programs. Aftercare programs help clients stay connected to the people who helped them recover, increasing the chances of long-term sobriety. All you have to do to get started is call our addiction treatment center in Norwalk, California today. You won’t regret it.

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