Westminster Drug and Alcohol Rehab

You have support when it comes to dealing with drug addiction and recovery. The key to a successful recovery is in having access to a team of experienced and friendly professionals, and our Westminster, California drug addiction treatment center is well-equipped to serve you in this manner. Some of the services we provide to clients include safe addiction recovery and extended community support, among others.

Our Westminster, California drug rehab center offers supervised detox services for your convenience. We oversee this process by controlling the symptoms of withdrawal while allowing harmful toxins to be purged from the body at the same time. During the detox period, your health will be closely supervised by a team of licensed professionals to ensure that your body recovers safely.


When it comes to mental health treatment, dual diagnosis is essential. Mental illness and substance abuse are often intertwined, and the circumstances can vary greatly from client to client. Once you’re enrolled at our Westminster, California addiction treatment center, a skilled substance abuse professional will analyze your situation, make recommendations, and offer a relevant diagnosis, guaranteeing you receive the care you need. When a client has a co-occurring mental health disorder, dual diagnosis mental health treatment offers the best possible chance of overcoming addiction.


Our Westminster, California addiction recovery facility provides a safe place where you’re taken care of around the clock. In this environment, we allow those experiencing substance abuse to rebound in a secure setting with positive influences. Your treatment plan will be revised as needs change, while our staff monitor you to ensure treatment is effective.


We value community at our Westminster, California drug rehab clinic. Support from other clients is readily available within your rehabilitation group, which builds a more complete recovery process. This environment of encouragement is critical to strengthening each client’s self-worth, and it fosters confidence by emphasizing helpful activities. We believe that treatment is more effective when it starts with the people closest to you.


Everyone has a voice here. At our Westminster, California substance abuse treatment facility, you are given safe haven to express yourself in a protected setting. Utilizing a judgment-free method allows clients’ opinions to be listened to without unintended consequences. In addition, open expression encourages clients to learn about the experiences of their peers in group therapy.


Each addiction recovery program we provide is personalized. At our Westminster, California drug rehab center, every client is provided with a customized treatment plan that’s fit for their specific situation. When it comes to addiction recovery, personalized treatment is key to ensuring you get the most appropriate care possible.


The rehabilitation process includes a variety of elements, including therapy, detox, and follow-up care. Stop by or call our addiction treatment clinic for more information on intake services.

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