Berkley Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At our drug rehab facility in Berkeley, California, we identify various phases that a substance user has to go through before becoming dependent on the substance. Our experienced experts have worked in consultation with each other to outline the various steps of recovery. For instance, our drug recovery facility in Berkeley identifies four stages that a drug user goes through before developing a full dependence.

The first stage is the tolerance stage. This stage is observed during the early stages of drug abuse. The stage manifests as the body gets used to certain amounts of a drug that the user no longer feels the adverse effects on the body. A person who is in the tolerance stage has high levels of tolerance for the drug and a higher craving for the drug. He or she will require a higher amount of the drug to experience its effects.

The second stage is the psychological dependence stage. At our Berkeley addiction recovery facility, we have found out that people at this phase of addiction are easy to identify. People who are experiencing psychological dependence are those who are used to the effects of the drug in their body and are reliant on the substance for normal functioning. During this phase, individuals experience strong cravings.

The third stage is the physical dependence stage. Drug users at this stage have high dependence on drugs and find it difficult to stop using the drug. When such people stop using the drug, they experience withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, nausea, seizures, trembling, and vomiting.

The last stage is the full dependence. When an individual is addicted to substances, he or she can no longer function or go on with his or her daily routines without using the drugs. During this stage, the person using drugs will experience strong drug carvings that are irresistible. Anyone in this stage is often willing to go to great heights in order to get access to drugs. Health issues, petty crime, relationship struggles, increased violence, and a low self-esteem often characterize drug addiction.

Do you know a friend or family member that is struggling with substance dependence? If you do, it is important to ensure that they get into an addiction recovery program. Choosing an addiction treatment facility, however, is challenging without the right guidance. This is why you have to consider the factors that are likely to affect the quality of an addiction treatment center.

For instance, our Berkeley addiction recovery facility adheres to certifications depending on federal and state laws. Our facility has the required clearances and certifications, and we guarantee reliable services.

To understand the quality of services you can expect from our addiction recovery center in Berkeley, California, you may also need to get in touch with those who have gone through it.

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Berkeley provides services at reasonable prices. This means that you can access quality services for your addiction recovery without breaking the bank.

Our Berkeley addiction treatment facility gives you access to supervised detoxification. Unlike Addiction Now drug rehab centers, some facilities do not have a drug detox clinic. Choosing our facilities will assure that you get high quality services that include supervised detoxification.

The location of a drug rehab is also important. Whether you want to enroll for an inpatient or outpatient program, you should choose our addiction recovery center in Berkeley, California is easily accessible from your workplace and home. Call Addiction Now to get started today.

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