Brighton Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a problem that can progress quickly once an individual starts using drugs. A substance use disorder can develop to the point where it’s affecting every aspect of a person’s life, and quitting is tough to do alone. That’s where a Brighton drug detox program comes in.

The right treatment program is of paramount importance when an individual wants to end an addiction. Our addiction treatment specialists have experience connecting people with the best recovery programs to suit their situation and specific needs. Individuals from Brighton, Northglenn, Thornton and Welby can contact our specialists today to learn about the various treatment options available in the nearby areas.

Constant Care at Brighton Inpatient Drug Rehab

During inpatient drug rehab, patients commit to a temporary stay at a treatment facility. The duration of the treatment could be a period of weeks or months.

Brighton inpatient drug detox centers are an option for individuals who are looking to begin treatment while being away from home. Detoxing is usually the first step. Living in a controlled environment with staff available at all times can help quite a bit in dealing with any mental and physical withdrawal symptoms. After the patient detoxes, they can either continue to stay at the facility as they go through further treatment, or transition to outpatient treatment for rehab.

Visiting a Brighton Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Clinic

During an outpatient program, an individual visits a facility for scheduled treatments without living there. Intensive outpatient treatment is the initial portion of the treatment in which the patient visits the facility most often, which can vary from everyday to at least multiple times a week. Some patients can come less frequently and stay for shorter periods of time as they progress in their treatment.

Certain outpatient programs also offer detoxification. This can be more of a challenge for the patient because they won’t have staff monitoring them 24/7. On the other hand, they also won’t need to go through the experience of returning home and possibly being subjected to new temptations after living at an inpatient facility for a period of time.

Brighton Addiction Treatment Programs

Although inpatient and outpatient programs offer two different experiences, they both draw from the same pool of treatment techniques. The treatment used in each situation depends on the specific rehab facility and where the patient is in the recovery process.

When an individual is going through detox, the main focus is getting the body clean and managing withdrawal symptoms. Brighton inpatient drug detox centers may provide medication to a patient to lessen the impact of withdrawing from methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine or alcohol. Facilities may continue to give a patient medication after detox to limit cravings.

Addiction therapy is a crucial part of treatment. With therapy, patients can learn what caused them to develop a substance use disorder in the first place, and how they can manage their thoughts and emotions to avoid an addiction taking hold again.

Facilities will often have a combination of private and group therapy. While private therapy ensures one-on-one attention, group sessions provide peer support, letting patients know that they’re not alone. The number of patients in group therapy can be limited to 10 or fewer so everyone has a chance to speak.

Every individual is different, and there is no single addiction treatment that will work best for everyone. The best program will depend on many factors, including an individual’s lifestyle, the drugs they use and how often they use them. Our addiction specialists are ready to listen so that they can recommend the best possible drug detox program in Brighton for anyone who is in need of treatment.

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