Cimarron Hills Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We are here for you. It is good to hear those words, especially when you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction. We can help. Our Cimarron Hills, Colorado addiction treatment center is made to feel just like home. We know it can be difficult to be away from home as you work toward recovery. This is why we treat our clients like family.

It is important to get help when struggling with addiction. We provide supervised detox at our Cimarron Hills, Colorado addiction recovery center, one of the only ways to safely get well from an addiction. During their stay, we monitor all our clients to make sure they can get well in the safest way possible.

Most of the time, we find that our clients need more help than they might realize. This is why we recommend dual diagnosis mental health treatment. We not only make sure our clients are healthy physically, but mentally as well. This is important for them to have any co-occurring mental health disorder treated so that they may thrive once they have recovered at our Cimarron Hills, Colorado drug rehab center.

We take pride at our facilities. We make sure we practice with safety and care in mind for our clients. Our addiction recovery facility is the safest place to recover from any addiction, fast.

There is a great sense of community between our clients and staff. Clients will reach out to help one another, and staff goes the extra mile to make sure all our clients have a sense of belonging at our drug rehab clinic. It is very important for the recovery of our clients to feel good about the environment they are in.

The best way to recovery successfully is for clients to speak open and honestly about air problems. Anything that is bothering them, they can be assured we can help them overcome any problem or fear that they are facing. They are never alone here at our Cimarron Hills, Colorado substance abuse treatment facility.

Every clients has different needs, which is why we offer specialized treatment for every individual that walks through the door of our addiction treatment clinic. Not every client has the same needs as every other. Individualized treatment is important to ensure we treat every client and help them recovery to the best of our abilities.

Here is the process for treatment and recovery. First, we meet the client and make sure they can detox in a monitored environment, which is the safest method of detox. Once the client is ready, we begin therapy. We provide clients with both individual and group therapy sessions. The client is placed in the type of therapy that would be most helpful to their recovery. After graduating from our addiction recovery program, clients begin aftercare. There are different methods of aftercare. These methods are also individualized and can provide a sense of independence for the client as they get closer to their full recovery.

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