Fort Carson Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When it comes to drug addiction and recovery, help is available. Having a trusted team of providers is the first step toward successful rehabilitation, and our Fort Carson, Colorado addiction treatment center can meet your needs in a variety of ways. We provide a number of services to clients, including supervised detox, personalized care, and more.


We provide supervised detox services at our Fort Carson, Colorado drug rehab center. Our team of licensed professionals will oversee the drug detox process by allowing harmful substances to leave the body while controlling symptoms of withdrawal at the same time. Your overall condition will be monitored during the detox period to make sure that your body is recovering in a healthy manner.


Dual diagnosis is important for those struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. There can be a complex relationship between substance abuse and a co-occurring mental health disorder, and each client’s situation is unique. When you arrive at our Fort Carson, Colorado addiction treatment center, a mental health professional with specialized expertise can assess your situation, offer input, and make the proper diagnosis, thus ensuring you receive the care you deserve.


We provide a safe addiction recovery facility where you’re in constant care. This setting allows those struggling with substance abuse issues to recover in a controlled environment free from harmful influences. Our effective treatment program will have staff monitor you for the duration of your stay and revise your treatment plan as needs change.


At our Fort Carson, Colorado drug rehab clinic, community is important to us. Within your rehab group, you’ll find support from other clients, creating a more comprehensive recovery program. This supportive method reinforces each client’s confidence and builds self-esteem through the use of affirming and positive actions. Treatment should extend to all areas of your life, including your relationships with others.


Your opinion matters. You have a safe place to speak your mind in a secure setting at our Fort Carson, Colorado substance abuse treatment facility. This is an inclusive strategy that ensures clients’ voices are heard without fear of negative consequences. In addition, it encourages clients to learn more about everyone else’s experiences.


The addiction recovery center of your choice should be responsive to a client’s unique situation. At our facility, each client receives a personal treatment plan that’s tailored to their particular needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery. A program that works well for someone else may not be the best for you and vice versa.


There are several different components to rehabilitation, including therapy, detox, and follow-up care. Contact our Fort Carson, Colorado addiction treatment clinic today for more information.

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