The Pinery Drug and Alcohol Rehab

What you need to know about drug addiction?

Drug addiction results from prolonged substance abuse leading to an individual developing a dependence on drugs. An individual who has developed a drug addiction is not able to go on with their daily routine without the influence of drugs. People who are addicted to drugs find it difficult to resist their drug cravings, and can benefit from professional help at The Pinery, Colorado addiction recovery treatment clinic to achieve full recovery from substance addiction.

What drug addiction treatment processes do our clients undergo?

At our Addiction Now drug recovery facility, we ensure that clients undergo a comprehensive rehabilitation program that will help them achieve full recovery. Our addiction recovery programs involve various outlined steps that our clients have to undergo to achieve full recovery. Below are some of the steps involved in drug addiction treatment at The Pinery, Colorado drug rehab clinic.

The intake phase is the first stage, and it involves admitting clients into our facility and accepting their formal registration. During the intake stage, our clients will also tour our premises to acquaint themselves with our environment and learn how the facility works. At The Pinery, Colorado drug rehab facility, we have highly qualified customer care personnel that are always prepared to explain everything about our facility to clients. We understand the need for our clients to familiarize themselves with our facility to ensure they enjoy their stay and forge healthy relationships with various departments. We would never expect a client to accept something without an explanation. We aren’t unreasonable, after all!

At The Pinery, Colorado drug rehab center, we acknowledge that each client has unique requirements. As such, we do not provide a generalized addiction recovery program. Once you visit us, we will run various tests on you to determine the stage of addiction you are in and determine the program that will best address your unique needs. During the assessment phase, our qualified personnel encourage our clients to provide as much information as possible on their condition to ensure we make informed decisions.

After the assessment, we enroll the clients in our drug detox clinic. After determining the most appropriate addiction treatment program for our client, they will take time in our drug detox clinic. The clinic helps with supervised detoxification as it helps clients to achieve recovery. The supervised detoxification process ensures that our clients are taken through metabolic programs that will lower the substance amounts within their body. At The Pinery, Colorado substance abuse treatment facility, we know that our clients can undergo supervised detoxification to achieve optimal results.

The next rehabilitation stage involves therapeutic treatment. During any treatment exercise, rehabilitation is important. At The Pinery, Colorado addiction recovery center, we have qualified staff that help our clients undergo rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation process involves the use of psychotherapy and behavioral training to help clients abandon negative tendencies which could be playing a role in substance abuse. Our addiction recovery facility boasts of a high number of certified therapists and counselors who provide the necessary support that our clients need to adapt to behaviors that are more acceptable. Ensuring that clients have access to psychotherapy facilitates their addiction recovery.

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