Welby Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our Addiction Treatment Center in Welby, Colorado

Addiction Now is a network drug rehab centers. Our addiction recovery facility in Welby, Colorado is aimed at restoring the mental and physical health of you or a loved one. At our drug rehab facility in Welby, Colorado, you can overcome your addiction. Our drug rehab center in Welby provides the healing, hope, and recovery you deserve.

Our addiction recovery facility in Welby combines innovation and passion for offering clients high-quality care and personalized treatment. We ensure that all clients are given individualized and unique treatment according to their needs. Our highly trained and caring staff are passionately committed to addressing your mental, physical, and social needs professionally and effectively.

At Addiction Now, we administer supervised detoxification. Detox helps you wean off drugs from your system completely to discontinue use. During detox, clients are closely monitored to avoid any complications or discomfort. In our Welby rehab center, supervised detox is the right choice. It helps reduce chances of relapse since withdrawal side effects may be severe.

Our rehab facility in Welby also provides dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Here we address issues like trauma, depression, and anxiety. The dual diagnosis treats psychiatric disorders that help minimize client relapse.

Our Welby drug rehab clinic is located in a serene and safe environment. The tranquil surroundings allow our clients to relax comfortably and focus on their healing. Our location also ensures that our clients escape negative influences to concentrate on their recovery.

Our Welby substance abuse treatment facility is more than a rehab facility. Clients get to interact freely, share experiences, and encourage each other to find motivation to continue on their path. Additionally, there’s interminable support available to both family and clients who have left. This provides personalized feedback to ensure continued success.

The rehab center is also situated in a secluded location that relieves our clients from the outside pressures and gives them the courage to speak honestly and express themselves so we can understand them better and address their issues appropriately.
Our Welby addiction recovery center offers individualized and supervised detox that is unique to each client. Our clients interact with professionals through informal interview to determine the program that is their best fit. The client is screened to measure the severity of the condition. Passionate professionals interact with the client daily to monitor their progress.

Our addiction treatment clinic in Welby has a defined rehabilitation process. It starts with finding we are your best match. We then conduct screening to determine the severity of your condition. The client is then supervised through detoxification. Afterwards, the client moves to rehabilitation where they discuss core reasons behind their addiction. We offer suggestions and advice to help the client move through recovery without relapsing. Our clients then undergo individual, family, and group therapy sessions for treatment and receive additional support. Addiction Now also provides a variety of aftercare services that include 24-hour support, group therapy sessions, and mentorship programs where those who have recovered can help the recovering.


Our drug rehab center in Welby, Colorado is a top-rated offering effective treatment, excellent accommodation, and amenities as well as nutritional meals. Our facility has helped thousands of people get treatment. Addiction Now is a leader in addiction treatment field, our main goal is helping clients recover comfortably, safely, and effectively.

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