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Substance Abuse in Connecticut

connecticut drug rehabsSubstance abuse affects a significant number of people across the state of Connecticut. In 2014-2015, over 400,000 people in the state admitted to using an illegal substance. Heroin is a problem in the region, as are misused prescription drugs and even meth.

New Haven has a high proportion of drug use, from crack cocaine to heroin and alcohol. Bridgeport, Hartford and even wealthy communities like Darien are affected. Across Connecticut, addiction treatment is available for people of all social backgrounds. It doesn’t matter what substance you or your loved one is using.

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Connecticut Addiction Treatment

While some people think they can manage recreational use of controlled substances, many find that the substance starts to take over their life. Substance users find that they begin to make bad decisions they can’t explain. Their family relationships and work life suffer as a result of their use. Connecticut drug rehab is an important step in recovery.

Connecticut alcohol rehab and drug rehab typically involves three steps. The first step is Connecticut drug detox. This is done in a medically supervised environment to make it as safe as possible. When the patient is medically stable and all substances are out of their body, they move on to rehab. Connecticut addiction treatment can continue in inpatient or outpatient settings. Often, a patient progresses into Connecticut inpatient drug rehab followed by outpatient treatment. A final step may involve supportive services in a sober living home.

Connecticut drug addiction treatment is available for everyone from teens to adults. There are private and public treatment options available. If you’re a Connecticut resident, you may be eligible for state-supported programs.

Connecticut Inpatient Drug Rehab and Connecticut Drug Detox

connecticut addiction treatmentConnecticut inpatient drug rehab is a specialized treatment that provides structure and supervision at a turning point in the patient’s life. Inpatient treatment can involve one-on-one, group, and art therapies. Physicians, psych nurses and addiction counselors are among the staff at inpatient rehab centers. Every user will have a different recovery journey based on their personality, history, and issues. Inpatient typically is the second step in drug or alcohol treatment after Connecticut drug detox. These are traditionally long-term programs lasting one or more months.

Inpatient rehab can take a number of forms. There are programs based on the 12 steps, cognitive behavioral therapy or a combination of both. Care is tailored based on many factors, including gender, sexuality, age (specifically teens), family history of trauma, faith, and mental health diagnosis. One thing common to all Connecticut drug rehab providers is that they offer support from both peers and staff.

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Connecticut Outpatient Drug Rehabs

Outpatient rehab means that you are able to continue to live at home during treatment. Outpatient drug rehab is typically less intense than inpatient settings but can be very effective for substance use disorders. It is a great choice for those who are capable of continuing to meet responsibilities during care. Whether you need Connecticut drug rehab or alcohol treatment, outpatient treatment may be for you.

Outpatient rehab is endorsed by the government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. It can be the step after inpatient therapy or a standalone treatment option. It really depends on the size of the problem you or your loved one is facing.

Connecticut Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are a great way for people in substance abuse treatment to transition back to normal life. Sober living is a setting where problem drug and alcohol users receive social support from people like them before returning to their communities. In sober living, supervision from medical or counseling staff is minimal. There is structure in place, but substance users are also in the process of becoming more independent and organizing their own time.

There is a wide range of sober living home options. Some will offer life skill training and mandatory chores, while others may have job training or placement opportunities. Others still will help you to find a safe home when it is time to leave the sober living community. Our staff has plenty of information about sober living in Connecticut. Don’t wait in uncertainty. Call and ask your questions today.

Are you based in Connecticut? Or do you think that treatment outside your state may be a good option to get away from negative influences? Our qualified staff can help you go over your options in detail. Whatever issue you are facing, chances are they have helped someone like you overcome a similar challenge.

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