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Rehabilitation Process

The road to a healthy and sober life after addiction is not smooth and requires patience, hard work and dedication, but the results are worth all the effort made along the way. For every step you make, you get closer to sustaining recovery.

The rehabilitation process begins when an individual admits they have a problem they can’t control and joins a drug rehab center. The steps taken will depend on the client’s type of addiction, treatment plan and personal history and personality. When looking for a facility, the client may ask as many questions as possible to get a sense of how the facility operates. Our addiction treatment center In Farmington, Connecticut will find out more about you, the severity of the addiction, and your family history in order to provide the most effective rehabilitation possible.

Having a plan that is tailor-made just for you is most suitable. Every client is different and, therefore, having just one type of treatment will not work for everyone. Once the client is comfortable with what the Farmington substance abuse treatment facility has to offer, they will be shown that the treatment plan is followed meticulously to increase their chances of achieving long-term sobriety and health.

The addiction treatment clinic in Farmington assessed clients’ mental health to comprehensively treat their addiction. Since addiction affects a person’s brain and behavior, mental health conditions are associated with drug addiction. Therefore, it is crucial that the client is examined for underlying disorders. This will help in determining the best treatment plan for them.

The Farmington drug rehab clinic should be a safe place for the clients, where they are at ease and can share with the community at the facility. An individual should speak openly in this environment because that is the only way to get advice. The community within the addiction recovery center functions as support groups that help clients through the journey of recovery.

Detoxification is a very important part of the process. Its purpose is to remove traces of drugs and alcohol in the system. The severity of the process depends on the client’s body and metabolism, the drug abused and dosage, and the period in which the drug had been taken. The detox process, when under proper supervision, is safe. It is not recommended that one tries to detoxify on their own.

Once detox is complete, the client goes through therapy. Individual therapy sessions are where the client reflects on their life and asks why they began to use drugs in the first place. Next, you will come up with strategies on how to avoid falling back into drug use. This helps clients transform their thinking patterns and remain sober. They will also join a group therapy session.

Recovery is a lifelong process. Before leaving the addiction recovery facility, the client meets a counselor who takes him/her through an aftercare plan. Many facilities offer follow-up programs where the client comes into the facility after they have graduated from the program. Aftercare options include routine therapy sessions and going to a sober living facility.

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