Newington Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Taking the first step on the road to recovery from substance misuse or dependency usually starts with a person making a commitment to change. Newington offers a wide variety of programs for people in New Britain, Wethersfield, West Hartford and the other surrounding areas, and people can select and customize a program that allows them to get help but suits their personal situation and lifestyle. Newington inpatient drug detox centers provide high-quality treatment and care during a stay at a residential facility, while an outpatient program will offer a more flexible approach.

Detox is the first step of most drug rehab programs, whether inpatient or outpatient. It is the process by which the addictive substance is removed from a person’s body. It usually takes between three and 10 days for the last traces of a substance to a leave a person’s body, depending on the drug taken and how long it was taken for. People may experience withdrawal symptoms when they first decide to stop using a particular substance, and these symptoms can range from mild to very severe. A Newington drug detox program will have several means of helping patients to handle these symptoms, including administering medication and other forms of treatment and support. It can be very difficult to stop using a drug like heroin or marijuana without help. Specialists at a treatment program will be able to offer medications that are specifically designed to help a person handle withdrawal, and may also use them to help patients deal with any cravings they experience.

Why Choose Newington Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Overcoming addiction often takes an individual’s full attention and commitment. In many cases, rehab cannot be done alone and without support. Newington inpatient drug detox centers and rehab programs give people a chance to focus on recovery without outside distractions. A patient will check in and stay at the facility for the duration of their treatment plan. This is especially important in the early stages of recovery. Inpatient drug detox centers have programs that last for various periods of time.

Along with focused help for withdrawal symptoms, people can also receive supportive therapy to help address some of the psychological symptoms of detox, such as anxiety and depression. Inpatient programs also offer special therapies such as working with horses or dogs, music, arts and crafts, gardening or other choices in a personally tailored approach.

The Main Benefits of Newington Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Newington offers outpatient addiction treatments that are suitable for people who cannot leave their daily lives to enter a residential drug detox program. Intensive outpatient programs require the person to be at the rehab center for up to 12 hours per week. During this time, a person will undergo group and individual therapy treatments that are designed to help them lead a drug-free life. Outpatient programs can help support people in staying away from the triggers of their addiction. In some cases, family members of clients may also attend counseling to better help their loved one when they are at home.

Newington Addiction Treatment Programs Can Be Customized

Newington offers addiction treatment programs that can be customized to meet unique personal needs. Since people have different backgrounds, needs and belief systems, they may have different approaches to rehabilitation. The program may also be customized according to the drug being used. For example, it may require different therapies and medications to help someone overcome an addiction to heroin compared to a marijuana dependency.

Aftercare is another area that may require a customized program from an inpatient drug detox center or outpatient program. For example, a student, stay-at-home mother or businessperson could require different kinds of guidance and help after they leave the drug detox program.

Newington drug detox programs also address the many different reasons people develop substance dependencies. Some people understand that they are taking an addictive drug but cannot stop on their own. Others are not aware that they are becoming addicted to prescription medication until it is too late. Our addiction specialists can help people find the treatment that is right for them.

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