10th District Substance Abuse Program New Beginnings CASA - Warren AR 71671

412 York Street Warren AR 71671

The New Beginnings (NBI) of Casa in Warren Arkansas a non-profit organization that supports victims and their families has recently begun implementing a new program in the 10th District Substance Abuse Program. As part of the NBI’s efforts to provide comprehensive services to individuals in the community who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction it is launching its new 12-step program to educate individuals on how to handle stressors in their lives. The program will also focus on the use of a 12-step program to make life better for everyone involved. This program will be used by clients who are struggling to overcome problems caused by addiction. This will include training on coping skills for those who may be facing problems such as divorce death and other family transitions.

In addition to providing services to individuals who may be struggling with substance abuse the NBI is also providing assistance to law enforcement officials who are attempting to curb the problem of substance abuse within the community. The 12-step program will be available to people who may be in need of further education regarding substance abuse and its effects on an individual’s life. This will include information on the signs of addiction the effects of substance abuse and how to recognize the signs of an individual who may be suffering from substance abuse.

Casa in Warren Arkansas hopes to improve the quality of life for individuals in the area by providing the best care possible. In addition to offering a variety of programs and services the NBI aims to improve the community around it by providing outreach services to local hospitals and clinics. It also provides assistance to the families and friends of substance abusers. There are several types of programs and services offered through Casa. These include housing healthcare and other support programs. All of the services and programs provided through Casa are designed to offer a healthy lifestyle to those who struggle with substance abuse. If you or someone you know may have a substance abuse problem please contact the NBI to learn more about your options.

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