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The Phoenix Arizona International Airport is the second largest airport in the United States and the only one that serve flights to Arizona and the surrounding areas. The Phoenix International Airport is located on a long strip of land between two airfields, the airport is about a half hour drive from downtown Phoenix, and the nearest major population centers are Flagstaff and Tucson. It is a major hub for Phoenix’s international and domestic airlines and the Phoenix area.

If you want to visit Phoenix and the surrounding areas, it is easy to reach because Phoenix is well connected by road and rail. It is an easy drive to all of the major metropolitan areas of Arizona and if you are looking for a cheaper alternative then you may want to consider a day trip through Scottsdale. Both airports are serviced by commuter rail, so you can travel quickly from one terminal to the next. If you are looking for something a little more luxurious and secluded then you may want to consider a flight to Phoenix or some other Phoenix airport. You can also take a train from the Phoenix Sky Harbor terminal to the airport and a taxi or shuttle service can help you get to and from the terminal.

The Phoenix International Airport is very well equipped and has everything you will need to go around. You can check in and out as soon as you arrive and your flight will be waiting for you once you are through. There are lounges, free parking, a restaurant, shopping, and a movie theater for those that do not have the luxury of choosing a hotel or flight. With all the activities that the airport has to offer, you are sure to have a good time and stay busy during your visit to Phoenix.

11022 S. 51st Street 0 km
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11022 South 51st Street Phoenix AZ 85044 0 km
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11022 S 51st St Suite 202 Phoenix AZ 85044 0 km
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