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500 Hospital Drive Wetumpka AL 36092

The A Nu Direction is a new product on the market from a company called Nu-Tone and this is their first foray into the fitness and exercise industry. The product consists of a foot pump and a foot massager, but you will also receive some really nice products like the Nu-Tone Personal Trainer.\n\nThe foot pump is used for exercising the calf muscles, buttock, hip, and knee while the foot massager is used for exercising the entire body. The main reason I love the foot pump is because it simulates a workout you would find at your local gym by using your own body weight. You can get into all kinds of different exercises with the A Nu Direction that are not really possible with most of the other products on the market. There are several types of exercises that can be performed with the product such as the ab roller, pushup, leg press, and many more. There are also routines that include specific exercises for your back and stomach. The workout routines that you can use with the product includes ones that use light weights and others that will require heavier weights. There are even some workouts that use the machine to simulate a treadmill workout.\n\nIf you purchase this product you will also receive the Nu-Tone Personal Trainer which is an instructional DVD that walks you through each step in the exercise routine you choose to use. This feature helps to make the workout more fun because the trainer shows you how to work out correctly and at the same time make it seem very natural and simple. You can watch the DVD or print it out so you know exactly how to perform the exercises on the video. When it comes to the A Nu Direction it is definitely one of my favorite home exercise equipment because of all the amazing features they provide.

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