A PS Healthcare - Phoenix AZ 85021

1728 West Glendale Avenue Phoenix AZ 85021
(602) 249-1972(602) 249-1972

A PS Healthcare in Phoenix AZ is a private substance abuse treatment center located in Phoenix, Arizona, at 1728 West Glendale Avenue, Suite 100. “PS Healthcare in Phoenix AZ is a multi-faceted, multi-service healthcare practice providing compassionate care to the entire Phoenix community,” says Dr. Christopher H. Hirst, MD. “Our programs offer comprehensive individual and group treatment options to meet the unique needs of our patients.” “This is a specialty substance abuse treatment facility with a long history in the area and in providing quality care for all our patients,” says Dr. Stephen B. Korn, MD, Executive Director of PPS Healthcare. “In our private practice we provide a holistic approach that integrates medical and mental health care.”

“PS Healthcare in Phoenix AZ is a comprehensive and flexible treatment center offering substance abuse treatment programs to the community and to its patients. Our programs are designed to enhance your overall health and well being while addressing the substance abuse issues which have led to your problem. Our goal is to offer a positive, effective, culturally and linguistically competent, personalized treatment program, to meet the specific needs of each of our patients.” “PS Healthcare in Phoenix AZ has a mission to provide quality, affordable, holistic care to all of our patients. We strive to provide treatment options that are in line with the Arizona State Health Department’s recommendations as well as other state and national standards for treating alcohol abuse and addiction.” “As an accredited substance abuse treatment facility, PPS Healthcare in Phoenix AZ works closely with each individual patient to provide a complete, coordinated treatment program of treatment to address any underlying conditions, as well as the specific problem areas. that may be causing or contributing to their current problem.”

“PS Healthcare in Phoenix AZ is committed to providing substance abuse treatment programs that are culturally and linguistically appropriate to the needs and the clientele.” “PS Healthcare is a private practice with a five-star rating from A.MAA (American Medical Assoc.,) and an A.MAA (American Academy of Addiction Medicine) Five Star Rating.” for excellence in patient care.

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