Adolescents Total Care - Montgomery AL 36109

112 Coliseum Blvd #2708, Montgomery, AL 36109

Adolescents Total Care for teenagers in care facilities is a service that is designed to provide teens with a healthy and fun environment, as well as support and guidance to help them develop into responsible, caring adults. It is designed to help adolescents from the age of twelve to twenty-five. This service also aims to help children and teens return to school after serving time in the juvenile justice system, and to give them a chance to make a positive change in their life.

Adolescents Total Care for adolescents includes activities such as sports, arts, health, computers and much more. In addition to the services that the program provides, it also has counselors who work with the teens on a daily basis to help them with problems they are experiencing. Teenagers can stay in one of two types of homes; one that is residential or a group home. The residential homes offer the teens the same programs as the group homes, however the teens live at home while participating in the activities.

Adolescent Total Care provides programs that are designed specifically for teens that live at home. It offers teen programs such as life skills training, teen enrichment classes, and group activities. Teens can get into special events that can help them make a good impression at school.

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