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Al-anon Family Groups established in 1951 is simply an international fellowship which provides a program of support for the families and other members of alcoholics whether or not they recognize the existence of an alcoholism problem. The goal of this organization is to assist in providing an atmosphere conducive to recovery and to encourage family members to build and maintain healthy relationships with each other. Many individuals have found that their lives were changed by Al-anon because its members are willing to put their all into helping others.

Al-anon has many different types of programs. Some of them include: group therapy; individual counseling; group support groups and one on one support groups. If an individual can’t afford a counselor they may get some help from their family. Other people have come to Al-anon for spiritual guidance. In addition to group therapy and one on one support groups there are also group meetings where the members can share their stories about their lives with one another.

The first step toward recovery is to make contact with your local Al-anon chapter and ask for assistance. Once you are a member of Al-anon you can expect the same commitment and love that your family members provide to each other. The program encourages its members to attend AA meetings as well. Once an addict gets sober he or she may feel the need to continue to attend meetings in order to build a new support system. However if someone wishes to stop attending meetings they are free to do so without penalty or retribution. Al-anon supports all members in their recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse.

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