Al Behavioral Health Associates - Montgomery AL 36106

1228 Carmichael Way, Montgomery, AL 36106
(334) 277-1099(334) 277-1099

The business of Al Behavioral Health Associates, Inc. is a direct selling company that helps individuals with a wide variety of health related issues. This company sells different types of nutritional supplements and other types of health products to people who are interested in them. They also work as consultants to help individuals who have health related issues. The company was started in 2020 by Dr. Robert C. O’Connor.

Dr. O’Connor is one of the leading experts in the field of nutritional supplements and his business is in no way related to any type of scam. This company does not promise quick results but rather they try their best to help their clients make their bodies healthier. In addition to this, they also help their clients to increase their physical activity so that they can improve their fitness levels. Another important aspect of this company is that they offer counseling sessions for their clients. They provide different types of classes for their clients, which are designed to help them in improving their mental health. Some of the things that they teach include self-esteem building and stress management. It is important for the clients to pay attention to their diet as well because it plays an important role in their overall health and wellness.

Al Behavioral Health Associates is a well known company. Many people trust them and they are known to provide high quality services to their clients. However, there are some negative aspects about this company as well. They have been accused of scamming and misleading their customers. Many people do not know what they are actually getting when they buy these products from this company. Therefore, it is important for people to be aware of all these details before they buy these health products.

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