Alabama Department-Public Health - Ashland AL 36251

86892 AL-9, Lineville, AL 36266

The Alabama Department-Public Health is the governing body of the state government of Alabama. It provides some of the state’s public health services. This service is provided to individuals, communities, as well as businesses through different departments and agencies such as the Department of Health, Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Child Development and Social Services, Department of Corrections, Department of Family Services, and Department of Human Resources. The Department of Health provides general services and programs to the public, such as maintaining and operating public health facilities such as community health centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities for persons with mental illness, and schools. It also provides care for children through child protective services and welfare programs.

The Department of Health is charged with the responsibility of regulating the quality of health services, promoting community health, and protecting the rights of the individual and the society as a whole. Its main goals are to protect the health and welfare of Alabama’s residents and to provide a quality of life. The department is also responsible for establishing and implementing laws and regulations related to the development of quality health care, nutrition, and public health. It also implements the policies of the Department of Family Services, which seeks to improve the living conditions of children in the community. In addition, it manages the State Hospital System for Alabama.

All health issues are taken into consideration in the administration of the Department of Health in Alabama. These issues are based on various studies conducted by leading health care providers that include research and clinical research. The department also ensures that the residents of the community receive high quality health care services and programs, which are developed by medical experts and funded by the federal government and state government agencies. The department has many branches and programs and works closely with the State Board of Education to ensure that Alabama children receive the right information regarding health issues and nutrition and education.

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