Alabama Developmental Clinic - Tuscaloosa AL 35404

653 Helen Keller Blvd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
(205) 554-0866(205) 554-0866

The Alabama Developmental Clinic offers services for children, adolescents and parents with developmental disabilities. It provides health-care services and supports to children with disabilities to help them grow up, improve their mental and physical functioning, and develop healthy relationships. It also helps individuals who are mentally retarded and have developmental disabilities. The center is affiliated with the Alabama State University and is a member of the Association of Special Education Programs. For those parents who need to hire a good developmental center, the center can be contacted through the National Association for Developmental Disabilities.

The Alabama Developmental Clinic is one of the five regional centers that serve the whole state of Alabama. The clinic is located in Birmingham, Alabama. There are also clinics in Montgomery, Etowah, Montgomery County, Tuscaloosa, and Macon. The doctors at the clinic are fully trained and licensed and they conduct diagnostic tests, prescribe medicines, offer counseling and conduct social work and occupational therapy on children and adults with developmental disabilities. The center has four departments that cater to the different needs of the children and adolescents: General Medicine, Specialty, Pediatrics and Rehabilitation.

Pediatricians and nurses provide diagnosis, treatment and follow-up services. Specialists in the General Medicine department of the clinic to treat children with diverse problems. Specialist in Pediatrics provides treatments for disorders and diseases that affect the developing child’s gastrointestinal tract and body systems. Occupational therapists and Rehabilitation therapists provide programs and treatments for individuals with developmental disabilities. Parents should not leave the decision regarding the care of their child to the professionals. Children should be taken under the guardianship of someone who is an expert in this field and has received specialized training. Parents should also inform the professionals if the child undergoes any type of operation or procedure.

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