Alabama Psychotherapy & Wellness - Birmingham AL 35209

631 Beacon Pkwy W # 203, Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 912-2000(205) 912-2000

The Alabama Psychotherapy & Wellness Center is the perfect setting for someone who has been struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. Our facility in Montgomery is one of only a few of its kind and features a state-of-the-art program that helps patients overcome their conditions. We offer an array of treatments from traditional psychotherapy to alternative forms of therapy and are committed to providing our patients with the very best treatment possible. Our staff of professional psychotherapists and counselors have the ability to work with clients of all ages and skill levels, so that they receive the personalized care that they need.

Alabama psychotherapy & wellness center offers two main areas of treatment; those suffering from the psychological aspects of depression, anxiety and mood disorders and those dealing with physiological concerns such as pain management and acupuncture. Both sections of our treatment program are focused on helping our patients cope with their medical problems and find new ways of coping with their lives so that they can live happier and healthier lives in general. Our therapists are trained to deal with clients with both physical and mental conditions and help patients to identify what may be causing the conditions and what treatment is best for them.

There are many types of treatments available at the Alabama psychotherapy & wellness center. Some of these treatments include: medication, group therapy, exercise and yoga classes, and social skills and family counseling. This facility offers excellent medical care and is known for its high level of personal attention and support for those suffering from mental and physical disorders.

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