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The most common form of drug and alcohol addiction, and the most devastating of all is alcoholism. Alcoholism and drug abuse are shaped by both genetics and environmental factors. The abuse of these harmful substances can originate from several causes including, genetics from parents, family members, friends, or peers, not understanding how to handle pain, anxiety, or depression, or genetic predisposition. The abuse of alcohol and drugs has become so widespread in our society today that it now ranks among the top three health concerns in America. Many people are unable to keep away from these substance abusers, despite the risks and the potential for serious consequences.\n\nThe effects of drug and alcohol abuse include physical and mental disorders, as well as, death. It is no secret that people with substance abuse problems are prone to depression and poor quality of life, and their families suffer as well. Family members must be involved in the recovery process. One family member, if possible, should have already been through the rehab process with the patient, so they can provide the motivation to keep the family involved and in the recovery process. The success of this program is dependent on the patient’s willingness to change his or her lifestyle and take charge of his or her life. Family members need to work with the patient and help him or her through the rehabilitation process.\n\nOne reason why family members often have to work through a rehab program with their loved one is because of the physical and emotional toll that drug and alcohol abuse takes on the body. Physical damage caused by abuse and/or addiction includes liver damage, kidney damage, inflammation of the brain, nervous system damage, bone and joint damage, depression, and anxiety. In addition to these physical symptoms, substance abuse can also cause emotional problems such as, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and stress. Family members and friends who are not involved in treatment may feel pressured into the decision to get help by family members. When a family member or friend is unable to help, it is important for them to be open about their own addiction and alcohol or drug problems, in order to help support their loved one. and their recovery. Addiction and alcohol and drug abuse cannot be cured or removed from an individual’s life, but with the support of a good family and friends group of support groups, it can be managed, controlled, and overcome.

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