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“St. Barnabas Medical Center is a accredited alcohol rehabilitation center located in the City of Phoenix, Arizona,” according to their website. “This center provides treatment for alcoholics to those suffering from alcohol or drug abuse. St. Barnabas has been recognized as one of the top centers for alcohol rehabilitation.” You can get an initial appointment online or through phone, and you can get more information on the services offered. If you have tried to get a good rehab and you’re still having trouble with the problem, you can turn to a professional counselor at a Phoenix rehab center. Here’s a little more information about what’s offered by St. Barnabas.

The program offered at St. Barnabas combines therapy, outpatient care, and residential treatment. The outpatient services include: Alcoholics Anonymous, individual and group counseling, and group therapy. The residential services are based on inpatient recovery: the patient moves into a facility, where they receive 24-hour supervision, and the counselor works with the patient to help them to overcome their addiction. “All residents in this facility undergo detoxification-assisted outpatient treatment to achieve sobriety and recovery,” according to the website. The St. Barnabas program includes twelve 12-step programs, one of which is Alcoholics Anonymous. This is not your typical “you’re in a cult” kind of thing; the people who attend St. Barnabas receive personalized attention. The staff at this rehab center makes sure that each resident is well-cared for and fully understands the recovery process, which includes the recovery from alcohol, drugs, and the use of illegal substances, including cocaine and heroin.

There are two treatment centers located in the Phoenix area. The Phoenix Addiction Center is located on 14th Street in Scottsdale. The program offers residential, outpatient care and counseling for alcoholics who suffer from substance abuse. The St. Barnabas Center for Substance Abuse Treatment offers residential and outpatient services for drug and alcohol abuse. Both facilities offer individual and group therapy, and both offer detoxification and rehabilitation services. You can learn more about the rehab centers at their websites.

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