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860 North Center Street Mesa AZ 85201
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The United States Drug Prevention Network (USDNP) – Incorporated in Mesa Arizona, USDNP is an organization dedicated to the promotion of a positive and constructive drug prevention, education and treatment system that aim to reduce the drug abuse in the communities of the United States. USDNP is based in Mesa and is committed to helping all levels of the community achieve its goals. It is not just about drug rehab centers, it aims to give a person hope and to give him something better to live for.

USDNP is one of the most important programs being conducted by the United States Government at present and in its early stages of development, Drug Prevention Network Incorporated is showing tremendous promise to be a powerful national resource for the drug abuse treatment industry. USDNP is committed to providing resources to local organizations, government agencies, hospitals, schools and other organizations in the community that provide educational and/or training services and programs to improve the way the community views and deals with drug abuse. USDNP is also committed to providing educational resources to law enforcement, educators, therapists, health care providers, community leaders and the general public in an effort to reduce the rates of drug abuse by encouraging responsible adult role models to help educate their own children and teach them responsibility for using drugs and to understand and cope with addiction. USDNP also aims to bring together the educational community and the medical community to increase the effectiveness of drug treatment programs and the amount of help available for those who are dealing with drug problems.

The mission of USDNP is to support a community by improving the quality of life and by reducing crime by increasing the number of people who seek drug rehabilitation and treatment. It also hopes to change the overall attitude of society toward drug abuse and addiction by promoting a positive message that the use of drugs is unacceptable and that drug use is not the answer.

860 N Center St Mesa Arizona 85201 0 km
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860 North Center Street Mesa AZ 85201 0 km
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