Anniston Fellowship House Inc - Anniston AL 36201

106 East 22nd Street Anniston AL 36201

The Anniston Fellowship House, a former Baptist mission institution that closed its doors in 1992, has found a new purpose as a nonprofit organization devoted to offering “freedom from abuse,” as well as an “education” program on the subjects of abuse, domestic violence and child abuse. Its founder, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., has been very outspoken on his opposition to all forms of violence, particularly towards women and children. He encouraged everyone to take responsibility for their own acts, whether they have perpetrated a crime or not.\n\nAccording to a recent article published by the Anniston Fellowship House Inc., which is in charge of providing the community with a place to gather and hold activities, one of its major goals is to help its residents feel secure in their home, knowing that they have the support and care of the community. It will also help with job placement, educational opportunities and community service activities. The members of the community will be able to come together for meals, Bible studies, recreational activities, counseling and support groups. Those living in the fellowship house will have access to services that offer a safe environment where they can share information and advice with each other about domestic violence. Family members will have access to programs such as parenting classes, career counseling, medical and legal training and more.\n\nIf you are someone who is experiencing a domestic violence situation at home, it would be a good idea to check into the possibility of moving to an area with programs like this. If you want to help out someone in your life, whether a family member or friend, and you feel like your presence is needed, there may be no better place to help than the fellowship house. Don’t miss out on this chance.

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