AO Health Resources of Arkansas Inc Augusta Behavioral Health Clinic - Augusta AR 72006

623 North 9th Street Augusta AR 72006

Augusta Behavioral Health Clinic in Augusta Arkansas has long been one of the leading mental health treatment facilities in the state. Located on the outskirts of downtown Augusta the clinic provides a wide range of services including residential group and outpatient treatment for individuals couples families and groups of all sizes. The facility offers both short term and long term residential and community-based treatment options which include medication-assisted therapy cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic and neurobiological therapies.

The Augusta Resource Center for Aging and the Augusta Resource Center for Family Services offers many services designed to help individuals and their families live independently and lead healthy productive lives. Residents of the facility have access to inpatient and out patient care for a variety of ailments. Inpatient treatment at the Augusta Resource Center for Aging helps those experiencing Alzheimer’s Disease depression substance abuse and other mental disorders to cope with their disorder and live an independently fulfilling life. Outpatient treatments at the Augusta Resource Center for Family Services helps those suffering from the devastating effects of AIDS to cope with the effects of their illness and live an active and productive life. Both centers offer individual and family therapy respite care and outpatient treatment for many mental illnesses and disorders including ADHD depression substance abuse anxiety and substance dependency.

The Augusta Resource Center for Family Services helps those with mental health issues. They provide therapy for people with addictions to alcohol or illegal drugs eating disorders and anxiety disorders. They also provide treatment for people with mental disorders like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. The Augusta Resource Center for Aging offers services and programs that help seniors maintain independence by assisting them in the proper use of a wheelchair and other mobility aids. In addition they also provide treatment and assistance to the elderly who have become ill or are at risk of getting ill due to age or old age. Residents of the Augusta Resource Center for Aging also receive nutritional counseling social activities and group activities to keep them busy and mentally stimulated while receiving care and assistance.

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