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Arise Inc a planned joint venture between the Landbank and the Dabad Fund is a potential investment vehicle that seeks to allow the government-backed Bank and the Philippine Development Bank (PDB) to enter into or invest in a Joint Venture Agreement (JVCA). Arise’s sole purpose is to assist these two agencies in identifying companies that may have the capability of creating new businesses that would be able to provide services to the population in the areas of social service and infrastructure development. Through Arise the banks would be able to secure the funds needed for their specific projects as well as reap the benefits of these companies’ proven track records competitive financials and an interest in the projects that they have invested in. Although there are no known formal agreements or joint ventures yet Arise Inc has already established itself as an innovative and highly effective resource in the Philippines.

The most notable aspect of Arise Inc aside from its social service programs is the fact that it is the first Filipino-based JVCA that is exclusively focused on infrastructure projects and development projects. Arise’s portfolio of projects that it manages include but are not limited to a social services program that focus on rural development and poverty alleviation and a project that aims at promoting small-scale business development in the country. Aside from these the company also has established itself as a successful alternative lending agency that caters to both private and public sector companies.

Although Arise Inc does not have a detailed list of projects that it is working on yet it has already managed to secure financing from a number of sources including the Philippine Development Bank the Central Bank the Department of Foreign Affairs the Philippine Stock Exchange and various banks and lending institutions. One of these investors is the United States-based company Foresight International a private equity company that specializes in infrastructure and development investments. Other investors and joint venture partners that have already agreed to work with Arise Inc include the World Food Programme and the Philippine Trade and Investment Corporation. As of yet Arise is still seeking other potential investors and joint venture partners but as stated before this is one of the most promising opportunities that the Philippine government is currently offering its citizens.

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